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Odometer Rollback


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One of my buddies just picked up a MkIV 20 anneversary edition GTI and supposedly it has 6,000 miles on it. He got it for ~$17,000 and swares that it only had 6,000 miles on it. I took a look at it and it looks like total shit and I told him that there were deffinately more miles on it. The paint is chipped, clutch is tight, shifter and steering wheel show major signs of wear, paint has wayyy to many swirl marks and burn throughs from being buffed, I don't think the tires are original, and it overall looks beat to hell. Now he took it to a mechanic that is supposedly a VW guru:thumbdown: and got it checked out and the guy said that the milage is accurate....BS.

How do you check milage if it has been rolled back? Is there a counter on the transmission or crank case? or is there any way to dig deep into the ECU and check the actual milage?
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bullshit... that post was SUPAFLY!
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Answering your question, I'd also suggest Carfax. I remember not too long ago someone on here was looking at a used GTI and using Carfax found out that its odometer was incorrect.

Additionally, isn't there some type of indicator you can look for on the odometer that shows whether it has been tampered with? I know many cars have this, but can't remember whether ours do or not.


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When I had my SVT Focus I was able to get what Ford called an OASIS report which would show the entire service history of the car and mileage at which it was brought in at... I would guess VW would have something like that. My Ford dealer printed this out for me for free. Have your friend ask his service rep if they have anything like that.


Don't waste your money on the carfax report, just go to the dealer like the last poster said and have them bring up the history.

Take some pictures of the clutch and brake pedal and post them up.

Also check on vortex like suggested in the 20th forum. There is a registry post I believe of all the cars. See who had that number car before.


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I understand that some people, who have access to VW factory tools can roll back odometers.

This option exists because of gauge cluster failures. A dealership would need to be able to input "14252 miles" into the gauge cluster so later, on the title, you wouldn't have an "odometer discrepancy report."

So yes, this can be done with the PROPER tools.