nys tint



What percentage does everyone agree on that will still look good, and stay safe from tickets in new york? honestly.. lets get to the bottom of this. lol


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long island, NY
well since i dont wanna get tickets all the time, when i get my car i think imma gunna do the front 45-50% and the back and rear window 35%. I know the reasoning that tint in ny should be so light is so cops can see what u are doing if u get pulled over so i figure if u go lighter in the front they will feel safer.
I am from Long Island, I have 35% on my car. I have not had any problems at all with it, however my friend has 20% and he has been pulled over twice already.


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north NJ
I have 4 tint tickets so far, with 20% all around. If I get 2 more I'm going to take them off. I feel like a cop-target when I drive on 287 to and from school.


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Brooklyn/Levittown New York
2006 MKV GTI
I'm from New York and i have the same situation. I have the stock tints and i'm looking forward to going darker. I was thinking 30s in the front and 20s in the rear. Thats what everyone else has been telling me.

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Suffolk, Long island
i have 20 all around and only got a ticket when at the races in nassau at dave and busters. cop was being a dick though and checking everything since he knew what was up. checked my hid's tail light tints and the whole 9 yards. the ticket for the tints was because it was below 70% so that is the nys law for tints. when he put the reader on my window it read 19% i continnued to argue with the cop considering he was being a dick so why shouldnt i. i was telling him hes wrong and the machines broken there is no such thing as 19% tints lol


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Buffalo, NY
I have 35's and haven't been pulled over for tints. Most cops don't really even notice. I got a tint ticket instead of a speeding ticket but I don't think that counts.

My friend also has a white mkv and he has 20's. He constantly gets eyed up by cops and has been pulled over for them.


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i lived in NY for 3 years, had tint 35% and DID get a crap about it from cops - pulled over > ticket.
but NY is still better than CA where I live now, cos 88% for California is PRETTY FAR too strict! dunno understand CA tint law.. WHY LIKE THIS!