[NSW] EOI Cruise south


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Hi everyone I will be taking my car out for a cruise from Woodbine McDonalds to the pie shop at Robertson and then back to Campbelltown.

Just seeing if anyone will be interested in coming along as it's a pretty good drive... a good chance to really stretch the GTI's legs.

Will be on 14th of April, depending on weather of course.
Pulling up at 9am then leaving at 9.30am.

This is the route I will be taking is as follows...

It's about 200km and 3 1/2 hours long, depending on stops etc.

There is fuel just down the road, from McDonalds, with 98RON.

This is an open invitation to anyone with any car, but it would be cool to see a whole heap of golf's charging up Macquarie Pass :)