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NSW Cruise & BBQ - Sun 12th August Wisemans Ferry


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Thought I'd gauge interest in this as a lot of people seem to be keen on the idea of a Cruise & BBQ.

Location: Wisemans Ferry

Reason: Good drive on the way down, plenty of parking, BBQ facilities, lot of space, good for the whole family, cat and dog! If people want, they can continue over the river through Peats Ridge and come back down the F3 after lunch (it is a great drive but always takes longer than I anticipate). Main emphasis though is on the BBQ/Social gathering down at Wisemans.

Date: Sunday 12th August

Weather depending of course. This allows everyone time to wash their car and prepare Sat afternoon. No excuses!

Time: Meet at Wisemans around 11-11:30am.

Can arrange other meet points earlier for a joint drive down -
It would be good if others could volunteer for bread, drinks, snags (non-alcoholic) etc. I hope Kurt can chime in on the snags and what not! It would be good if someone volunteered to bring one or two things each i.e. meat, sausages and so forth.

All other meats, alcoholic drinks on a BYO basis. (Alcoholic drinks not advised for those driving - but we often carry passengers wink wink )
What are peoples thoughts? Some snags, car banter and quality driving roads on a sunny Sunday doesn't sound too bad does it?


10:30am at Dural McDonald's
286-288 New Line Road Dural New South Wales 2158


From Dural McDonald's too Wisemans Ferry!



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Prob better to advertise it on the other site as not many people come here no more. There will be a patonga drive coming up in spring