Noise on start up/idle when cold


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Mk5 VW Golf GTI
Afternoon all

I have a 138k miles mk5 golf gti 2L turbo FSI, was just wondering if anyone has come across this noise before! It sounds like it’s coming from camshaft area. I’ve checked the cam follower and the HPFP piston and the love that the cam follower sits on the cam all look okay no signs of wear. Follower was replaced around 5k miles ago. It also had a cam belt about 8 months ago by previous owner. I’ve checked the tension of the belt through the cam belt cover and seems to be at a correct teneion. The noise has started to get a lot of late and decided I should probably start to investigate haha! Also the vehicle hasn’t really idled very well since I owned the vehicle I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it

I’ve also had an intermittent oil pressure light come on, on longer journeys. However I’m not sure that these problems are related but would appreciate any input on that problem too!

I shall attach some videos of the rattle noise below!