NLcarbon airbox scoop (carbonio for 3.2/RS3


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southbay CA.
08' R32 dsg

been lookin' for something like this for some time. Seems a german ebay seller has certain versions of these scoops in dry carbon finish. it has kinda a bigger mouth feeding the airbox which crosses between the R32/ A3/ S3/ RS3/ TTRS & passat 3.6. figure if the same airbox is useful enough on 400hp TTRS, simply improving the path to it is enough on near standard power. it does sound throaty combined with the tampa mod, looks cooler, and doesnt brake apart into 3 pieces like the stock plastic. plus carbon should reduce inlet heat as well. figure i like it overall better then the neuspeed p-flow i sold to an audi tt guy. that just did nothing but make noise for me. combined with ecu & haldex flashes, plus fluidamper crank pulley & billet waterpump pulley w/ deleted a/c the acceleration feels nice. still debating adding cams at this high mileage....
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