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Newton Iowa Speedway Sept 14th Track Day!


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Newton Iowa Speedway Sept 14th Track Day!

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I HAD to post up this track day. The club has some cars that would be amazing to drive or watch go around this road course. Ever wanted to run on the NASCAR speedway with your car so you can brag to your buddies? Want to put your car in a show and watch racing at the same time? Now you can. The Mustang Club of Central Iowa is hosting a track day and car show event. You can run your car on the track or you can show your car. There will also be a swap meet and vendors. The track will be setup as a road course not as an oval. If you have any questions feel free to ask them on here and I will pass them on to the event organizers if I do not know the answers or you can email John who's info is on the flyer.