new to vw, need a mechanic in knoxville tn


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knoxville, tn
hi all, this is my first post on this forum, so i'll try not to botch it right out the gate.

i live in knoxville and i'm about to purchase an '08 R32. i will need to get a tune up shortly after picking it up, and wondered if anyone could recommend a mechanic in my area. the guy i'm buying it from isn't from knoxville, but heard that european auto garage on sherway rd does really good work at a really good price. can anyone verify this, or point me in another direction?

also, if this is the wrong subcategory to be asking this question, please direct me to the right place.


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2008 VW GTI
Hey M4DM4X... I know this is a 4yr old thread. But did you ever find a good shop in Knoxville? I'm looking as well.

Thanks - Todd
I’m located right outside Knoxville in Loudon, Tennessee and the main place I’ve heard about for VW work is MF Auto locates in Knoxville. I’ve never dealt with them but I just bought a 08 GTI that needs some TLC and will be contacting them to see how much their hourly rate is.