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09 mk5 gti
So my qeustion is, flash tuning.

I recently purchased a 2009 mk5 gti that supposedly had a stage 2 tune ( unknown what brand/software) and crackle map, it didn’t seem to crackly to me so I took it to my local tuning shop to get them to out a crackle map on it and now it actually sounds how I want it to sound. But when I first took it to the tuner he had issue reading the file with his alien tech software so he informed alientech of the issue and all he had to do was update it etc etc and then it worked he could read the ecu and stuff like that. I was hoping he would be able to tell me what stage 2 tune has been put on it but he didn’t really give me much info besides since my software can read it it would’ve been done with alientech.

My worry is if I buy a flash cable for myself to do a stage 2+ tune I’ll have issues, could someone please shed some light and help me as I would like to re do it all myself so I know what the car has and hasn’t had done to it. Would I have to get another crackle map once I reflash it with a stage 2+ tune?

I have everything needed for stage 2* apart from HPFP I think which I will get and instal before flashing it obviously

And is the Stratfield crackle map compatible with any tune

Mod lists would be appreciated to see what other setups perform and sound like