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New owner, help to restore to former glory!


New member
Hey guys, Just picked up an 08 r32 with 84k miles! Unfortunately the more I dig into the car and learn about it the more I'm realizing has been taken by somebody (previous owner or just a vw guy)!!! Here's a list of questions I've got at the moment and I greatly appreciate anybody who takes the time to help me out!

1. I plan to buy a vag-com and read about turning auto sense wipers back on. Upon investigating the mirror Somebody took whatever was plugged into the plug so my auto dim dont seem to work and obviously my auto sense wipers dont work. Any clues on what was plugged in , just a sensor maybe? Was a wire running down to the mirror previously perhaps?

2. What teardown manual does everybody use? I've read a lot about guys with a bmw manual but I dont understand why you would use that over a basic Haynes or Chilton's?

3. I bought the car knowing the tire pressure light was on, I assumed it had a bad sensor. Upon further investigating I realized somebody had swapped they're stock 17" vw rims onto the car and the stock 18"s are gone! Is the tire pressure system run off sensors on the rims themselves, the axles or ? Is their any hope to reprogram the system to learn the new tire air pressure specs? I checked tire size to verify they are as close as possible to the original 18"s and it they are within 1% of what the car came with so the different size isn't an issue. I'm content with the 17's as they have way more sidewall than I would of gotten stock anyway I suppose.

4. How would I know if the car came stock with Bluetooth and the Bluetooth module wasn't taken? I have an aux option on the stock head unit but the aux plug in the glovebox was taken, it appears that its just a jack that plugged into the now hanging harness?

5. Door panels, are they difficult to remove? The driver side door has an issue with the switch's and the fuel pump is not priming, the passenger door is not unlocking although I hear the actuator working. I priced the switch mechanism for the driver side and its not cheap, would I just need an actuator for the pass. door?

6. The manual says to reprogram my keyless entry remote I press the unlock key, unlock the door within a minute and turn the ignition. This doesn't do anything and neither does my remote! I put a new battery in it already so its not that, it lights up as well. The key works obviously and I did not get a spare key or remote with the car. Any other thoughts on making the remote work until I get the vag-com ? Maybe its not working because of the door switch (although the comfort module on screen knows the door is open!)?

7. Are you the guy that stole the stock equipment? Can you provide an address to come punch you in the face? :sm3:

I know I have more questions but they are not coming to mind atm. Again, I appreciate the help in advance and look forward to being an active member of the community!

PS. the exhaust note of this car is fantastic!