New Ceramic Cam Follower...who's game enough?


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Well that is one negative of such a hard material, it's not as ductile as steel. The HPFP piston dances around something chronic at higher rpm. I can see those resonances shattering ceramics quite easily.

I agree with a previous poster, if it's not broken, don't fix it. Certainly with a stock pump, or a stock pump with VIS motorsport internals using a stock spring, follower wear is negligible.

I do appreciate the efforts made in the aftermarket to tackle VW's design flaws (they didn't upgrade to a roller follower pump on the EA888 for no reason), but WASA should have known the TFSI community is at least 60% modified and tested the follower on uprated pumps. Obviously they can't test every possible configuration, but a simple check with some of the more common pump upgrades is just basic diligence.

The problem with this kind of product is the exaggerated failure rates used as a marketing tactic. They also sell balancer shaft decoupling pullies, and boy do they really make it appear that every single GTI ever made will blow it's oil pump at some point. Wrong. It's actually a very rare issue, which mainly afflicts remapped engines exceeding the factory rev limit. Not many mappers give 2 sh1ts about balance shafts running at twice engine speed, and the shear rotating mass of it....let's just whack the limiter up to 7500rpm to get more revs, and therefore more marketing hp :cautious:
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