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New Audi RS6 Avant commercial.


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It's the RVA!! How cool! spotted what looks like monument avenue in the beginning and then that's the Richmond skyline towards the end. That's the bridge going over the James River in the southside of Richmond!


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Evans, CO
That's been on the main Audi website for a bit, it is very powerful and amazing. Got my deposit down a few months back, mine will be a 2021 as I had to wait to get on the list until after a move and wife's job change was confirmed, plus I'm doing an exclusive color which will push build date to next model year.

I've said it before, I will say it often, manual's are a ton of fun, but they are not fast. We need to be able to separate nostalgia and the prejudices of the past and look at the reality and performance of the now. I would no more go rip the DI fuel system out of my TTRS to put a couple carburetors on it than I would pay $130k for a fire breathing Avant with an old fashioned clutch system. I do still wish it would have a true dual clutch, the ZFs have come a long way and now can be indistinguishable from a DCT without using a millisecond stopwatch. If they were giving us the smaller RS4 Avant I would be quite disappointing to not have a DCT, but given the 6s size it's not really a "track" monster, although it will put more than a few dedicated sports sedans to shame.