Need Help with no start situation/electric? Richmond,VA will pay


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Im having a situation with no start. The car cranks.

My car has been broken down for about a year. its a 2007 gti MKV BPY
I was in the best buy parking lot, and was checking behind radio because I had intended to do a radio relocation and mount a Nexus 7 in its place. I did not disconnect battery, and pulled on wire harness with a little more force than I should have (perhaps that is a contributing factor?) I also did not have key in when I went to hook up the radio again, but I also did not disconnect the battery (yes, I know stupid move, I'll save you the time of commenting)

Car starts fine, oil level is good, and I get on interstate and accelerate. A few minutes later the car lights come on, including the oil pressure warning light that tells me to pull over. The car begins to lose power. I pull over and it will not restart. I have been under employed, and working on it myself, but I can not figure it out. I think its electrical. Can someone please help.

I have ODIS and VCDS.

So far, I have
Cleaned intake manifolds/valves
Checked voltage/resistance on connectors. GOOD
Dropped sump, checked oil pickup for debris . GOOD
Checked timing Belt, GOOD
replaced spark plugs, GOOD
replaced various sensors including oil pressure sender, ECT, and both crank and camshaft position sensor.
Checked voltage resistance at each coil pack, GOOD
Replaced Cam Follower, Didn't need it. Have all ready replaced.
Checked under Valve cover for worn lobes.
Checked and rebuilt starter motor
Checked all grounds
Checked most if not all relays including under steering wheel left
Used VCDS, have past most if not all tests.
Replaced fuel filter and gas.