Need help with headlights please!


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So when i bought the car the passanger headlight was always dim but recently the drivers side headlight is now just as dim. It was not a gradual getting dim like hid headlights do but i stopped and parked to go into a store and when i came back it was very dim. When im driving down the road its like i dont have the headlights on. I wonder if its the ignitor. Please help!


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Open invitation for the experts to jump in here and quash what I'm about to say but here it goes! Each headlight/daytime running light has it's own ignitor. The high-beams are "instant-on" lamps that don't require an ignitor. (Are they dim also?). I would start by measuring applied voltages on each side and comparing the circuits. Is the car idling smoothly? Do you have 12.5 to 13.2 VDC at the battery (engine off). With the engine running do you have 13.8 to 14.2 VDC across the battery terminals (alternator voltage)? How do your tail lights look? Normal? Last note, grounding issues can cause weird symptoms in lighting (and other circuits). Check for voltages drops between lamp grounds and chassis ground. More than 0.2 of a volt is an issue. Should be zero.


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When I first bought my gti it was used and ridden rough and the lights were horrendous. I guess the previous owner had changed the bulbs... , I'm gonna assume, without removing the headlights and went by "feel." Needless to say the light was not installed correctly and had crappy output. I believe it was the collar that holds the bulb to the headlight or the ignitor or both. Either way if u cant make out even a fuzzy cutoff or the adjustment does nothing then itd be worthwhile checking the fitment