Need help re coding tpms , abs , epc


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Anyone out there please I can use some help . Yesterday I was messing around with my car n my vagcom . I believe I accidentally re coded my tpms and my dashboard looks an Xmas tree . My abs , e brake , and epc light are all on n are all blinking and it's constantly beeping inside the car . I tried to re code the tpms back to factory because I don't believe my car (06 gli ) has this feature . My car is rejecting the coding from the vagcom (error 31 ) and it is also blinking red and green when it's suppose to be s solid green . I have a fair amount of experience with the vag but this is beyond me and it's really getting on my nerves . I don't know what else to do n I can use some help . I'm located in Brooklyn ny n any willing to help me out even it's just with advice will be greatly appreciated . Feel free to text me 347 733 7848 . Thanx again

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