Need help identifying rims


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Los Angeles
My older brother used to have a 2008 R32 and recently passed away unexpectedly.

I actually forgot I had an account on this forum, but logged in and saw an old thread from when I sold his head unit back in 2008 :(.

I was helping his wife clean up and found some rims from his VW. One set looks to be his used stock rims, but I can't identify the second set (which is completely unused).

I'll upload a photo of the stock rims (just to hopefully get some verification) and the other set of unknown rims.

The box with the new rims had a label on it that said it's 18x8 but I measured it to be 19.5 x 9. I couldn't find any identifying company information on the box or on the rim and the center caps that were included are just a solid color to match the rim.

I was hoping to possibly sell the sets to get some cash for my sister in law and nephew, but had no idea what to sell them for.

Thanks for any help