Need help figuring out if I'm lucky or if some crackhead messed with some stuff.


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1998 vw golf 2.slow
So I baught this 98 golf it's got a non turbo 2.0 and I figured out that it hits rev limiter at around 8500-9000 rpms . It has to be built to be able to withstand shifting at that high rpms for 3k+ miles (that's how long I've had it)what I'm wondering is if there is anyone on here that could tell me what may have been done to it. It goes 73 mph in 2nd gear before it hits limiter and goes about 113 in 3rd before it hits limiter. The person igot it from said it had a stage 3 build but idont know exactly what that means and they didn't do the work to it they got it and were told it had a stage 3 build I'm not a total noob but I thought if it was a stage anything build it would be a turbo build of some sort? Idont know hopefully someone can help me out thanks in advance !