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i now need to keep the MKV for a while. and I also need to reconsider a track theme

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Cheers guys! Just another update:

Yesterday I gave in to opportunity (lol). I dropped in to V-Sport out at Arndell Park (next door to Eastern Creek raceway) to fit up Tendy's "spare" set of Brembo brakes.

I've heard a bit about V-Sport through the Golf forums (all good things) and the guys were friendly and the workshop was super clean and full of EVO's (boss drives an X and the rest were 6's).

Banged up EVO 6 rally car driven by "Samantha".

Tendy's car sporting a new black roof.

And ARC gear knob!

They had a really nice display room chock full of race toys.

Drool. AP Racing pedals.

The boys got working on my car right away.

Old (smaller) brakes weigh 10kg more than the new set-up!

Goodridge brake lines and we decided on Brembo HTC 64T high temp brake fluid.

Brakes fitted with Ferodo DS2500 pads.

- Brembo GT 4 piston calipers (front)
- Brembo 2-Piece 328x28mm floating slotted rotors (front)
- Brembo HTC 64T high temp brake fluid
- Ferodo DS2500 pads
- Goodridge brake lines (front)
- Brembo HTC 64T high temp brake fluid
- Ferodo DS2500 pads (front)
Weight 19.1kg (OEM 29.6kg).

I also picked up these goodies. A decent tyre pressure gauge for track days and some aerocatch bonnet pins which I’ll get fitted up soon.

The brakes are amazing. Where the stock brake pedal had a lot of travel and felt like mush these Brembos feel the exact opposite. If anything the brakes feel exactly the same as my GT-R set-up.

Can't wait to hit the track! :thumbsup:


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Awesome gauges!!! What freatures have they?

The size hf the wheels? 18x8?18x9? Offset? I want one set...

Currently have a Seat Sport by BBS.

Where can buy the defi setup? There is boost in psi?
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Justin Fox

Ready to race!
Cheers guys, been a while! Here's an update:

Today I got a few things done.

- New Forge water bottle reservoir from Ian at Rennenhaus was fitted.
- Rear wheel well carpet put back in as the noise that the little rocks my tyres were picking up was giving me the shits :lol:
- UNIbrace UB installed
- Eurospec Auto titanium exhaust tips installed
- Recaro pole positions

Everything went well except for the Recaro seat install. I'm getting the seat bases modified so I'll have to wait a little longer to get the seats in but for now here are some progress pics!

Milltek tips (excuse the filthy car!).

Ti tips.

Flimsy old bracing came off.

UNIbrace UB went on.