My Build Thread (bags, bbs, BT, ect...)

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First off this is a work in progress, just started this the other day. There is another thread on Vortex that has all the other stuff that's done to the car you can see here.

So far I'm doing this all myself, plans are to take the motor out/apart and build it with a big turbo (still haven't decided on exactly what turbo yet), smooth/tuck the engine bay and put it back together. Since I've never done anything like this before the updates may be a bit sporadic and far apart :lol:.

Started this whole thing out by picking up this as a daily. It's pretty rough, but it runs great, and that's all that matters.

1990 325i 5 speed

On to the MK5, here's the car I'm starting with.

IMG_5839.jpg by Max Wobbles, on Flickr

Up on stands ready to get started. (sorry most of these will be cell pictures, too much effort to get out the nice camera)

And a little bit later....

Got the front end off, hoood, fender, bumper, core support, intercooler, AC, radiator and called it quits for the night.

Next day didn't really get much accomplished, took the other fender off, wheel, rain tray, and got to the ECU.

Got some parts in. :smile:

Then last night I took the ECU out

Ecu by Max Wobbles, on Flickr

Also took out the wiper motors, battery tray, plastic wire shrouds (not exactly sure what to call them), intake, and unbolted the fuse box, just need to figure out exactly what I'm doing with it now.

Making some progress, I'll try to keep this updated. Thanks for looking and wish me luck. :bellyroll:


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