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My ABT Supercharged MKV R32

Justin Fox

Ready to race!
Cheers guys, some more small updates:

Happy to say that there's no more rubbing at all i the rears now. Must have worn the liner away!

Small mod for the other day was this little rubber "sharan" antenna off eBay. It's rubber like the base so the longer glossy black stubby one is now replaced.

PS: Spot the cut in the ring around the base of the antenna? I'm guessing the vinyl car wrap guys cut this to make it easier to wrap around the roof. I've since ordered a new piece through Dub Addiction.

Also dropped my keys the other day and lost the little VW logo. I bought a new black and white one to replace (off eBay).

I visited ECS Tuning last week, primarily for wheel bolts, but ended up with one of these. A P3Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface.

Installation was pretty easy. Take off the side panel which hides your fuse box, remove the air vent, install the P3Cars vent and plug it into your diagnostic port. I spent a little bit more time making sure all of it was tucked away nicely so that you can't at all see any wiring. Lovely.

All installed. It displays Boost/Vac, Coolant Temp, Intake Air Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp, Throttle Plate, Speed, RPM with Shift-light, Battery voltage and perhaps most fun of all 0-100km/hr time. Also recalls the peak value from any mode which is pretty cool. I've not yet tested the 0-100km/hr but I've left it on speed and it's amazing how off my speedo is (about 7km/hr under).

I treated myself to this VW flashlight from ECS too which plugs right into your ciggy lighter. It's come in handy already when installing the P3Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface.

Also needed a new rear wiper which I've put right on. New black plastic looks lovely in comparison to the sun faded one it replaces (and I'm sure it'll work a lot better than the one which I had on before which was really starting to make some seriously loud noises).

Also, from eBay I picked up some black lug nuts (longer than OEM for spacers up front) and also some longer black (tipped) lock nuts too.

10mm ECS hubcentric spacers with longer black Ichiba bolts and McGard black edition lock nuts.

Sitting great at the front now and NO SCRUBBING at all. :) Happy chappy :)


Ready to race!
Greenville SC
Awesome car, I've been pondering a heat extractor set up. I see your hood has a decent set up. Do you know if its a DYI job or was it bought?

Sweet ride

Justin Fox

Ready to race!
What color are your ADV5.1?
Custom flake.

Small updates:

Got some carbon seat adjustment inserts from eBay, always thought there was something missing there. Also got a new antenna gasket from Dub Addiction and also some yellow H7 bulbs from eBay.

Ties in nice with all the carbon bits I've got inside. PS: Excuse the car, it's filthy and needs a wash inside and out!

Only yellow when viewing dead front on, clear otherwise from any other angle. The clips holding the bulbs in place were a bit annoying, didn't help that I had not much space on the drivers side too (and hot engine mount!) but I got them in and they look great.

DBA X-GOLD rear rotors with custom black hats (whoo hoo!). Visit:

The sexiness!


All done.

My license plate LED's were throwing an error on the dash, and haven't been working for over a week. Pulled them out and found these burnt puppies.

Replaced with MTEC LED's. No dash errors. All good.

Justin Fox

Ready to race!


Ready to race!
nice pics. you know % tinted on your R32 windows? it's perfect. Just tinted rear or all around?
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