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MK6 and MK7
For sure, thanks!

For anyone that listens, here's the lyrics for each track :)

Focused Beams
Cold I bring the frozen heat
Vocally I comotose your dreams
By any socials means I'll ghost the beat
Don’t police me dope is legal let me roll my trees
Roam the streets like driving sobers just a joke for me

Coast when I approach the heat, you know my steez,
Every word is chose and tweaked
Michrophone, it be my only weakness
Exploding speakers flowing these encoded sheets
Poems speak like pouporri

Wish we were going green but I'm prone to reason
No belief
Hole in the ozone must be ufos with focused beams rollin deep
To overheat the oceans, abduct coral reef
But at least the coast is mostly clean ...

snow will freeze, Me and my bitch aint spoke for weeks
Then she showing up with rosy cheeks getting cozy like its Supposed to be
You outdated; phone is rotary
Like modem tones and a loading screen when the rollers freeze

Most MC's not even close to me
Supposedly free, but feels like a choking throat to breathe
Low key, normal people slowly Coping with low esteem
Pokin around for some rope and the lowest tree

Society Most likely to die loney laying with pulse to bleed
Scroll the screen till the social media feed is full - the rush of dopamine
Just from exposing bogus tweets…
At least that’s what I've mostly seen

Humans always thought less was more
Ever since we evolved and washed ashore
Used to eat less, and move more

It was like all was right,
could see all the stars at night
Every person really had a call to life

Then we found a cause to fight
Let the gods tell us all whats right
More was wrong, started to see a loss of light

Moved to michigan started
Pissin in the rivers fish is swimmin in
Like whats the difference

More technology, less connections
to see less truth and more pretending
Make sense like all that’s left is me

Eventually it all gets outta control
The population is about to implode
At the same time
In the same lives
At the same rhyme

Got no wait line
Gotta make mine, forget about you
We're on fire, when the flame dies
Gonna blame the guys and get upset about it

We just wanted better housing
But the debt amounted
To amounts we've never counted
Just think about it
Ah forget about it…

Most of the water is contamineted
But the rest is stuck in our pipes and basins
So there less to drink and less to wash and bathe in

Less animals more extinctions
Noahs arc would be an easy feat soon
I see gloom…

Ran out of land to grow out
So we built up, we got a mountain view
Yeah youre my son but I'm not really proud of you

Cause how could I ever amount to you
Its impossible
You don't gotta get it just learn how to count to two

Keep having kids but we forget the elders
Well make babies in incubaters insteada
Adopting kids that were ditched for paper

All this new shit is getting old quick
Open one door another closes
Cold as fuck I need some closure

Work for shit we don't understand
We work for people who work for people
Who don't work for people
They work the system

Gotta go to school for higher learning
Higher earning
Higher cost of living
Gotta climb the journey

Once we hit the top we'll hit the bottom quickly
More money to go around
More people starving
More money for a small apartment

Stronger disease, stronger meds
Weaker immune systems
More depressants and more abuse victims

Less exercise but more netflix for desparate minds
To watch death defying in depth designs to
Help set ya mind to forget the rest I've rhymed

Less doing and more watching people
Even watching people, watching people
Who don't want to see you

I don't want to be you
I'm out to get you
More law an order
More politics
Less morality
Less confidence

Now, whats wrong with all of this?
It's obvious
I've either lost my shit
Or got my shit
But lost the audience to lobbyists I've just…

Barely set the ground work.
Lives aint full and got a hollow earth

Bout to blow up… Just found out
Theres thousands of nuclear heads in warehouses //
We could be taken out in a massive mushroom cloud //
Theyre pointed at eachother, doomsday could be Tuesday
They say cruelty pays, but either way you cant ignore the gore and doom //

Gorgeous views turned abhorrent with orange hues //
You'll get torn into more than two, whether rich, or too poor for school
Atomic bombs make their own physics and ignore the rules
Just cause I'm not in the same country born as you

Unfortunate truth // this cloud has no silver lining //
No chill, Blundering buffoons pushing buttons and killing everybody //
Rambunctious abrupt Eruptions are all encompassing,
Based on presumptions of the corrupted pundant mess

YES Its' easy to stomach when you're not the one to get
This Sudden disruption and dysfunction // (just a subtle hint)
My stomach twists // we got the funds to conduct this shit
But if it busts // then were really plucked from the bucket list

Since 1945 we've been pushing our luck with this //
Test after test in Area 51 Invented then deployed
some sorta star destroyer // their paranoia
Wont recoil unless its for oil, so just dont toy with them //

Get blown to bits, Surely got some bones to pick,
Thrones to sit… // clones to photo copy //
Cropping images of three eyed croppy in the nearest ponds from recent bombings
Media keeping us from freely talking //

I'm well into spelling it out like an acronym //
I.S.B.M's are aimed at you – tactical better hope they not mad at you
If you had to choose whether to launch its a crapshoot,
Stick to grassroots, // in the vacuum, skip the classrooms

We'll get to that soon - A simple baboon in a bad mood
Can dispatch nukes at you like 'sniffle, achoo'
Crimson statues // Prison tactics like pissin' matches
Tit for tat, // trigger fingers still distract you

Davin Hahn, the shady one..// Kids got Thermometers and smoke detectors scraped for traces of uranium
till he got a pimple blistered cranium //
Reality separated from day to day in the parents basement making radiation
could have turned michigan into a crater - what?!//

There's no delay for slaying a country who praises
A different make believe deity - 'Really paves the way for our safety.'
Cause and effect of these bombs are relentless
Drawn weapons at eachothers like death sentences (wish)

We're on the crest of a different propensity
It'll heave your chest and leave you breathless…

Beast mode pluggin in cheat codes to a cheap modem
To dethrone the kings podium, best believe ill expose the key components//
Unprovoked providin copius rhymes, with no associates i'm
The most harmonious microphonist/ Schoolin ‘em with

this cruel and unusual shit Comin gruesome with this,
Assume that I’m losing but proving I’m as loose as it gets without losing a sweat//
You doofises, clueless while I’m boostin my whip
Cause this boost is legit, // sppolin quick, lookin like youre cruising a ship

I shine like luminescence yo, this dude that can spit //
But when I'm watching the news and I be losing my shiit /
Cant keep money stuffing pockets with all holes, like Aeropostale
I kill it pronto the gift that I’m kissin equisite no exe’s its all O’s//

I’ll prove it like John Doe, but they’ll never acknowledge it //
alcoholics anonymous the traumas just to hard to get//
Breakin arms and legs to counter offer the pharmacist, I’m awfully sick
Keep scratching off those lotto tickets’, you’ll probly win I promise it!

Break it down subatomically, // trickle economics hyperbolically,
Fuck this monopoly, your cards are not the prophecy,//
Aint no power stopping me from accomplishing
Top to bottom demolishing everything you thought when you talk to me //

Expanded minds will get flustered at these patterns quick
splattered with afluence but don't get too attached to it //
I peep to the stars in search of life and ample habitat
Before the massivest demographic shifts come to make us vanish quick//
That's the jist

I'm just tryna Navigate this labirynth
Social anarchist on a path to check the facts a bit
Smile for candid cameras, theres something that's amiss
Questions when I'm way past the passages of lazaryth
Not a pacivist get active with pelanthropists

I know you wit it, I'll make heads explode, with no credit
Theres no forgetting, I'm never going global - pandemic
Evidence will grow, but presses mostly like to blow the message
That makes the most aggressive show, but its hard to decipher.

Just know that there's always a cause when I’m writing,
Don’t want this on at the bars and nightclubs
There's nothing wrong with bacardi's but i'm hardly exciting,
Keep it chill and swallow my pride - disagree but I’m not gonna fight

Lost whats right society got lost in the light
The reasons are clear but its too foggy for sight
So we walkin' around like melancholy is right
No dropping ebonics. but hip hop is how I’m talking in life

Come across me and i‘ll prob'ly be awfully polite
But im polished in my politics and steady coughing up joints
- And bringing up a possible point, whatever it costs to destroy
Whatever prophet the Pentecostal appoints

- To flip for profit, I’m obviously talkative, but - skeptic
calm and positive, philosophic prepostery
Just breaking down all I see
The cost to live is not so big, except for dumb shit ironically

In my heart I keep it real
Locksmith with keys of steel
Straight up telling you heres the deal

I stay focused, yeah its fucked up
And I take notice
just breakin down the main components

No delays but I’m cautious
Worried the future will possibly crash upon us
Every time the market crash is brought up

In every class I thought I could answer problems
But never exactly bothered
Yeah, that’s my problem..

But I gotta take action
This isn’t a fad I thought of
I’m spitting millenial truth like yeah, that’ll stop ya…

Mixed bag
Passion expanding with more ups and downs than six flags
Like I’m right where the libs at

But opposing folks will just grin back
Cause they git that everyones different
Its just facts but we’re all talkin shit, have a tic tac

Truth can hurt sometimes sharp as a pickaxe
Flip raps like I’m sick while you kick back
thinking that shits fat

Used to just be bumming it; // heartbroken and begrudging it
Thought that women were only using me for punishment
Life was never sunny, had to run with it //
Quit wondering if I would just be sputtering

Stuttering whenever I was placed in front of them,
fucking up whenever I would try to cross one off the bucketlist//
But that’s when I saw her looking lov-ely, got suckered in
Got sucker punched, so my presumptions had to stuff em quick //

For once I can tell your love is free, I couldn’t even stomach it
Like let me take your luggage quick and shove it in the trunk a bit //
Her love is a hummingbird hovering in front of me,
Glowing like some sunny d always bubbly to some degree//

She got the hugger hips and luscious lips, what a gift
Perfect subtle touch and hushing hints on whats coming next //
Made me understand that every other one just wasn't it
Cause she be the one chuckling while gunning and stunning me //

Even when she’s bumming I be cutting deep its buttery, //
Under the covers cuddling, she be so fun to me
Summoning my lust just because my heart feel like buzzing honey bees
Coveting the love - I still don’t know what it mean….

Yeah remember when I saw her through the window
Ayo what it mean
Coming clean
Never thought id be with such a queen
Ayo what I mean?
You stunnin, B


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Toronto, ON
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Bass lines... good delivery and i hear what the hell is going on from chord to chord and lyric to lyric


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Autocross Champion
'11 GTI


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2018 R
This popped up my YT today, only listened to a few songs so far, but I thought this was pretty cool.



Drag Racing Champion
Toronto, ON
Dr Dre

Brain Aneurysm..... in the hospital under watch.


Autocross Champion
'11 GTI
Damn, hip hop is still reeling from the MFDOOM news, now Dre is fighting for his life. I wish him the best.


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Dre is doing good 👍

"Thanks to my family, friends and fans for their interest and well wishes. I am doing great and getting excellent care from my medical team. I will be out of the hospital and back home soon," Dr. Dre wrote in a post on his verified Instagram account. "Shout out to all the great medical professionals at Cedars. One Love!!"


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