Motor shot? 130 PSI across the board...


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I did a compression test on my 2.0T FSI the other day and I pulled about 130 PSI across the board. 128, 131, 128, 128. Now, this is a 10.5:1 CR motor so I expected to see HIGH 190s or 200s... Is this correct?

We did this by pulling all the coils and all the plugs and putting the tester in one cyl at a time and cranking for about 15 seconds per cyl. WE DID NOT HAVE plugs in the other cyl's.

Did we do this correct? Should we have block off a vaccuum line or something?

ALSO, unrelated, I pulled my IAT to inject some magical motor cleaner (my buddy who works on diesels uses it and says its great, took over an hour to run everything through) and it was COVERED in oil. I have the latest OEM PCV installed, but I also have the BSH block off/catch can kits - they were removed becuse they did not help my other problems.

I'm all out of warranty and my lease is up next month - i'd like to see if I can get all this crap resolved! I used to have enough power to pretty easily spin my tires through 3rd (with a DSG) and now, in the snow, it feels like I have less power.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated! All subsequent procedures on my car will have photos to better explain anything I may have missed here.


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Sounds like a spent turbo to me.....low power, oil blow-by.......


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Was the car warmed up? That can make your compression test numbers go up.

As long as they're all about the same, AFAIK, you're good to go.

And the iat wil typically have oil in it. All the piping from your turbo to the throttle body will have oil in it. It's from the rear PCV.


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My buddy freaked me out because he seemed to think that 130 was WAY too low... but they were all about the same..

As for the spinning... the tires would be boogyin, but I wouldn't be... I guess I mean I could "chirp" them going into 3rd.

Yes, I have a small puddle of oil inside my oil filler cap and my filler area is saturated in oil. I'm debating installing the block off plate, catch can, or just leaving it - I have all the parts, as mentioned before.

Turbo boosts to 18 PSI. I'm running Revo stage 1 and I'd really like to get the kinks worked out before going stage II. I replaced my follower (unrelated) a while back and it wasn't terrible, but not too good looking either.


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I think 130 is low. Im with PROGLIDE on the 190 range


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It's all in the factory service manual.

When the car is new, compression should be from 11 - 14 bar (160 - 203 psi).
When you hit 7 bar (102 psi), the motor needs service (new rings, essentially a rebuild).
You should never have more than 3 bar (44 psi) difference from the lowest cylinder to the highest.

At 130 psi, your motor is wearing normally.

But, did you perform the compression test procedure correctly??? Motor must be warm (oil over 30*C). Coils, plugs and air filter are to be removed. Continue cranking until the compression tester stops rising in pressure (helps to have a second person watching the tester as the other cranks).


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Leakdown is a better test on engine health. Your compression numbers are close together which means all cylinders wearing evenly and likely nothing wrong other than normal wear. If one cyl is way off the others then time to investigate.

If you have a lease that's about to expire, why are you spending all this time and effort on it? Unless its grossly broken, just turn it in.