MODS + Lease = ??????


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I plan on leasing the MkV in about a month, and while test drives have impressed me more than thoroughly with the bone-stock car, i would still like to modify it a little - i would like to possibly chip it and probably use the lower springs to get it to european ride height. I am planning on leasing because i'm not sure what continent I will be living on in a few years, so i would like to have to flexibility of a lease.

does anyone know if they will check to see if the car is chipped and if so, will that cause problems at the end of the lease term? also, what impact does that have on the warranty?

Thanks for the info....


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I have leased my GTI also. I asked about mods and the sales guy said " as long as it comes back to us at the end of the lease term the same way it went out". So if you were to chip it, you would have to remove it at the end of the lease AFAIK.

I suppose that if you did mod it, VW wouldn't be any the wiser unless something fails and it has to go in for work. This is when problems may start, as VW might use the fact that it has been modified to negate the warranty repair.