ModdedEuros DO NOT ORDER! Read this 1st!


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In the past 15 days I've spent approx $800 in parts for my MK5 GTi.

Let me start off by saying NEVER again will I shop with this company.

On 6/10/21 I ordered coilovers for my GTi project that is set to unravel across ALL social platforms throughout the summer.

On 6/15/21 I contacted Customer Support to see why I haven't received a tracking # or confirmation that my order shipped.

A representative named Sito informed me that "Sadly Soloworks is on delay" and the "eta is 6/18/21."
It took me to email them 1st to even get that information.

Mind you, that when placing my order ModdedEuros website states that the item in question was "Available & Ships in 1-2 business days"

The 18th comes around, and NOTHING.
No email, no tracking, nothing.

So I email again asking for a manager.
At this point Sean gets on the support ticket.

He explains to me the situation and about the delay. He offers me "Cancelation" or to wait until what is now an eta of "end of July", or to upgrade of course a more expensive option.
Mind you this is all taking place at about 15 consecutive days since I originally placed my order.

So after deliberation with my Customer we decide to upgrade with ST-X coilovers.
I message back at approx 4:15pm with my decision to upgrade my order and shell out another $330.

I ask Sean to please advise on how he would like me to proceed with paying the balance.
I mention that I'm already so far past my deadline for my own business regarding these coilovers and that this order at this point is "time sensitive".

Sean tells me that if I purchase the ST-X coilovers that they will go out today (Thursday 6/24/21)

NOW, you would think a "for profit" company would want that sale and try everything in thier power to fix this situation and ship out as soon as humanly possible.

Not even close.
So, I don't get an answer back on Thursday.
I say to myself ... "oh it's Thursday at 4:15pm, they may be getting ready to close. Sean will email in the morning"

NOT the case at all.
It's now Friday (6/25/21) at 3pm still no response.

I JUST CANCLED. 15 consecutive days wasted! 🤦🏽‍♂️
At this point I have absolutely no faith in thier competencies.
I believe ModdedEuros doesn't care about building strong relationships with thier customers.
It's clear that correcting wrongs and working with thier customers to fully resolve a ordering issue is not a priority at all.

I just hope that Sean cancels my order in a timely fashion where I do not have to contact my bank for a chargeback.

Money is not the issue. It's not like this is all the money I have and I need it to order another set of coilovers. If THAT was the case I wouldn't even be buying car parts. Lol.
It's more about the principle.
The principle of GOOD BUSINESS which ModdedEuros is incapable of.

Never, never, NEVER again.
There are way too many competitors out there that have a way better system when it comes to ordering car parts for our vehicles.

It's seems there is ALOT of Drop Shipping with ModdedEuros.

If you want a reliable company that ship orders when thier website says it will, customer service that goes above & beyond and a "good business" experience then shope elsewhere.

IF you are looking for a headache, spotty customer service, inaccuracies in website shipping descriptions, short false answers to your order and overall a lack of caring then by all means take a shot in the dark with ModdedEuros.

I promise you it will be terrible. The more money you spend THE worst your experience will get.

When ordering a sub $100 car part that EVERY web based store has in stock, like a Diverter Valve, then yeah things will go fine. (MAYBE)

Anything else and be prepared for a nightmare that will go on and on.
Never again and everyone I come across and any review/forum site I can express my experience with will know the pain I've gone through with this company.

Just wait until ModdedEuros realizes how big of a social media following we have.

Can we say missed opportunities?