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Louisville, KY
Mkv gti
A few days ago I encountered another white gti, a mk6. I was cruising in the middle lane on the highway in 6th when the mk6 pulled up beside me. I downshifted to 4th, then to 3rd as I slowed down to about 50, he downshifted as well. I started to honk, as I thought most people knew you go after 3 honks, and the mk6 took off after the first honk. I was puzzled as it immediately gained a 2 car jump, but only for a brief second as I then mashed the pedal and within seconds caught back up and pulled on him, hard. And continued pulling. I slowed back down and let him catch up. He just gave me a thumbs up and wasn't willing to race again. I'm stage 2+, mods on the mk6 unknown but I'm assuming stock since I won so easily. I know this isn't too impressive of a thread, but I was excited since it was with a mk6 and I honestly thought there was a chance I might lose. I'm sure the mk6 owner was thinking its time to get some more mods on :thumbsup: