MKV Gti HEADACHE ! Will only run off bottle


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Jacksonville fl
2008 VW GTI
2008 GTI 6 speed 2.0t BPY engine. Tries to start and sometimes will run for 2 secs. With gas poured in intake it runs on all 4cyl until that runs out.
(1)Bought as no start, would run off bottle, claimed "needs fuel pump".
Seller also mentioned he just installed new LPFP and a shop recently replaced fuse box.Also claims he bought it same condition from prev owners shop under same diagnosis (need fuel pump)

(2) Upon delivery noticed
Hacked headlight wiring for HIDs, and various new parts installed :
New in tank fuel pump and module
New HPFP + fittings/sensor
New Intake Manifold
New Fuel lines
New Coils
Diverter valve block off (plug hanging)
2 Fuel filters in trunk

(3) went thru basic troubleshooting, it has spark, put gas in tank, new battery installed. Pulled out any added wiring from HIDs and disconnected headlights

(4) Disconnected fuel lines near fire wall, turn key to on, pours and pours gas

(5) Disconnected fuel lines at HPFP, turn key and try to run, gas pours out.
Took off HPFP to find a NEW cam follower and lobe appears fine. Spun it over with HPFP off and lobe slaps oil out

(6) Have it towed to local VW specialty shop, and discover they worked on it recently. They mention the engine was replaced and wire harness was hacked. They (ONLY) installed fuse panel and coils and recommended it needed a new ECU ,harness, and O2 sensors (stating O2 wires were crossed, and fried computer. And they didn't want to work on it further and sent back to customer. )

(7) Paid them to inspect it and they mention it was still in exact condition it was when it left. Only this time they claim they had installed the intake, HPFP, cam follower, PCV, and fuel lines themselves 🤔 And still give same diagnosis of ECU, harness, and O2 sensors . they refuse to work on it.

(8) Got ECU, wire harness, ignition gateway and keys , and New O2 etc from donor car
And had reprogrammed by locksmith.
No Change . Also checked for codes and Everytime it only showed the Diverter valve code. Nothing else.

(9) installed new Cam position sensor
(Crank sensor appears new )

I don't have VAG or anything like that, electrical is my weakness, and this car is kicking my ass 🤦🏻‍♀️


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