Mk6 GTI Steering Wheel to Mk5 GTI


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I just want to clarify what id need to go from my 06 Jetta non MFSW to a 2010+ MFSW?
Wheel, airbag, airbag harness, and steering wheel control module? Do i need a different clock spring or anything with the cruise control?

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So we have a modified K04 ED30/ Pirelli Edition and have swapped a MK6 non mfsw into it complete with same airbag that was with the mk6 wheel from donor car.
Both cars are non mfsw.

Initially did not change any other hardware other than wheel and airbag and straight away paddle shift doesnt work and horn doesnt work.
Have since ordered and fitted
MK6 Cruise stalk
CH module
and the airbag harness wiring

Horn still not working and paddles not working
Cant see any fault codes in steering

The original coding above wont be accepted by the new CH module as it says 'out of range'
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I think you may have made a mistake of simply copy&paste the original coding that you had in your original module.

I'd then leave the CH module installed, and try the stock MK5steering wheel (including cable and horn) to see if the horn sounds (to eliminate a faulty steering wheel ribbon / harness / horn button).

I'd use VCDS to do an output test of the horn with your car as it is NOW. If the horn sounds, then the CH module is good, and no coding needs to be done (but the suspect becomes the steering wheel ribbon/ harness/ dirty horn button contacts).


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This install should work with any mk6 era mfsw? I'm looking at a mk6 Jetta mfsw and want to be sure before I pull the trigger..

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