Mk5 GTI Whining noises coming from engine when cold and goes away once engine is hot.


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Golf mk5 gti
Hello, so ive had this issue for awhile now and im starting to worry its going to cause a bigger problem if whatever belt or bearing or whatever is making the noise breaks completely.
Ill post a video below demonstrating the noise. I just cant figure out what it is, and it seems to be coming from somewhere more deep inside the engine but on the left side, so i cant completely diagnose the exact spot. The noise is also linked to the rpms of the car, so the more rotations the more frequent the whine. It also disappears entirely when the car is hot enough (usually when engine hits ideal temp for WOT). The only video online i found that had an almost exact same sounding whine was this video about it being the alternator.

Anyway any help would be much appreciated, even if its just some tips to help me diagnose the problem.