MK5 Bolt Part Number List?


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09 MK5 GTI 2DR
Hey all,

New to the forum, and looking for some help.

I just got a 2009 MK5 GTI and installed the Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit (also known as the WALK kit). Looking through the service manual I got for the car that lists bolt torque etc. but it does not list what size the bolts are. The mounting bolts for the lower rear mounting bracket are torque-to-yield, so you should replace them each time.

Long story short, I'm wondering if someone has a blown-up image showing bolt location and the more important thing, the size of the bolt, maybe even the part number(?)

The service manual I have just says "bolt" (super helpful, right?) and the torque. Looking for bolts 5 and 6.

I re-used the existing bolts to get the part installed, which is pretty amazing the difference the WALK kit provides in handling, but anyways, I want to do it right and get some new bolts headed my way.

I look forward to any help, and working with this community.



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