Might get rid of GTI


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Authentic......I was in the same boat as you (Albeit....some different variation) but let me pitch this idea to you. I havent read the ENTIRE thread, but I caught the gist.

It seems (from what I've read) you're still making payments. Best thing you can do is just eliminate that ENTIRELY, depending on what you owe. You'll exponentially increase your cash flow per month and save a lot more. Having an MK6 will undoubtedly net you more money than what MY car is worth, so you might be in a better opportunity to sell the car, pay off what you owe and jump into something "fun" yet cheap. There are plenty of things out there than can offer just that.

Of course, this is easy for me to say since I had my car fully paid for, but you might be able to pull it off. You're already got the right idea by decreasing CASH FLOW instead of huge capital up front.

This. I think about money all the time, and how to save. Not having a car payment would really be benefical. I realized the only way that it was truly worth getting rid of my car, was to outright buy one, or put enough down that payments were 100-150 a month.


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My honest advice? Since I'm sort of in the same position for you saving up for a wedding next year as well as a house.

Pay off what you owe on the GTI as soon as you can, while at the same time save money in other areas of your life (not eating out and anything that makes you think more than 5 minutes whether or not you need it). Jumping into another car at this point is not going to make any financial sense unless you're looking at something less than $8000 where you can buy outright and save on both insurance + gas consumption (Civic/Fit).


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I've been in this same boat. My wife and I bought an older 1920's home 3 years ago and are starting a massive kitchen remodel next week. We're paying about 40% in cash, but the other 60% we're taking out a second mortgage for. That second mortgage is going to put us in a bit of a cash crunch until my car is paid off in October 2015 or we both manage some sizable raises. It's not to the point of not being able to save like we need to, but we'll definitely have to cut back in some of the weekend/entertainment type expenses. We also canceled cable.:laugh:

We're in our mid-late 20's and have been extremely prudent financially with the exception of these 2 cars. Both are way more expensive than we really need. I've been tossing around the idea of selling the MK6 and finding a 2003-04 24v VR6 GTI in the $6-8k range. Pay cash for the small difference in purchase price over the equity I have in the car, walk away without a car payment, and have extra money each month to get that second mortgage paid off ASAP. A cheap Honda would probably be the more responsible thing to do, but I think I might go nuts if that was my only car.

A quick trip to the Unitronic dealer and an AWE exhaust on a 24v VR6 could keep me pretty entertained and still save me a ton of money.


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I've been thinking of trading horizontally into a G8 GT, an S4 or something like that. I just realized that I hardly have any day-to-day driving where the dartiness of the GTI and having a manual is really fun. I think I want something a little more cushy and less compromised.

One thing I kidded myself on when buying this car is that it excelled in both performance and comfort...while its not bad at both its not especially good at both. If I can have 2 cars I think it's going to be more of a cruiser and a miata on the side. Spending 6 hours in traffic the other day with my MT really grew tiresome and made me contemplate it. I've been driving a manual my whole life, but the GTI's clutch with AC on is pretty annoying paired with a crappy DBW.