Let's see your PC's


Things you need for water cooling a pc..

- water pump ($80 for a decent one)
- radiator ($20 to $150 depending on size and quality)
- silent fans for radiator ($10 each usually)
- cpu water block ($50+)
- gpu water block ($70 to $150)
- chipset water blocks ($30+)
- water temp probe & flow meter ($20 to $40)
- tubing ($20 or so depending on quality)
- fittings ($20 or so depending on how many and what kind you need)

Some of the blocks are optional.. you can do whatever. But the more wattage you're covering, the more radiator BTU dissipation you'll need.


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2008 Volkswagen GTI
No pics, it's nothing to look at.

Athlon 64X2 6000 3.0gb
4gb RAM
GeForce 880GTS
15kRPM 37gb SCSI HD
Vista Ultimate X64 edition

I'm not really into any new PC games, I think the Battlefield series is still the best multiplayer FPS and it's all I really play.

Ever since I got my PS3, I haven't using my PC for games much anyways. I pretty much just web browse, and come to think of it, I use my Think Pad on WiFi a lot more for that, as I enjoy kicking back on the balcony and enjoying a nice breeze whilst browsing.


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I have a new iMAC...not much to see. Duo Core intel 2.6Ghz with 2Gig of RAM. It's modest, but it does the job.


Orange County,CA
How much does an entry level watercooling system cost? I'm not looking into overclock a whole lot, its just that with the way my desk it, where its at, the ventilation in the room, and the 8800GTX, it runs pretty hot, and I want to be able to SLI another 8800 in there sometime in the future.
check out petras techshop and danger den... petra's has some "package" with swiftech products which i recommend, just remember if you get water cooling you still need airflow otherwise the motherboard and its components like ram will heat up quickly...


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2010 4dr UG TDI HL
i used to work att he only store in canada that did hardcore PC stuff it was sweet, never did delve into the WC stuff though. I went from modding PCs to modding cars. now i've got a modest laptop i use most of the time. it's like 4 years old now. built a new desktop like 15 months ago again enough to do what i need. petey gave me a 1 TB drive so i picked up a linksys NAS box for it. next PC item i buy is going to be an Asus EEE PC for the car so i have something small to run Vagcom on.


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I have a Black Macbook and a 24 inch imac... I used to build my own computers until I decided to say "SCREW YOU" to all those asses who create Virus's for Windows =_=


Thank you sir. You should see and hear it in person. =D I think everyone that has came over so far and watched a movie in it said the picture quality and sound quality is better than every theater in the Michigan Downriver Area, besides Imax of course. lol


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Well... for now i got a 2.16ghz macbook pro... love it
i need a gaming pc so i might either build something myself or get a alienware pc... i'll see how much money i can save up this summer lol


is from Canada eh.
Winnipeg, Canada
No pics right now but pretty basic specs by todays standards.

Antec 900 Case
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750watt
4 gb Crucial Balistix (4-4-4-12)
Q6600 (oc'd to 3.4)
Tuniq Tower
EVGA 680i nforce mb
EVGA 8800 Superclocked Ultra (this is baaaadass... Had 2 but it wasn't worth it so I sold one)
2 500gb Seagate 7200.10's for storage
1 150gb raptor for os, games, and apps.
Saitek ecplise kb
Logitech G7 mouse
22inch LG LCD

Runs COD4 at stupid high frame rates, but sounds like a jet when I turn it on.


Newest build.. I made it from scratch out of MDF wood.

- Jetway NC62K
- AMD Athlon X2 BE-2400
- Kingston 2GB DDR2-800
- Hitachi 160GB 2.5'' SATA HDD
- Trendnet 802.11g PCI card
- Crystalfontz 4x20 LCD screen
- Pico-PSU 120w
- Painted white lighting color with clear coat

Size: 9''w x 9''d x 5''h

My old computer that I gave to my little bro. Now I have a Sony VAIO laptop, I don't do much gaming or anything anymore. This PC was cool like 3 years ago, it's garbage today.


P4 3.0 Ghz
5.1 Sound Card
Two DVD burners

Yeah nothing special.

I'm a picture whore.