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Let's see your PC's


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Toaster progress...

The PC is running - but just sitting on the table for now:
- Ryzen 5 3600
-16gb ram
-500gb Sata M.2
- GTX 750

There was no-way an ATX power supply is going to fit, so I bought a 450 Watt Modular SFX supply.

The toaster is gutted. The mechanicals were quite elegant, especially given the fact that it was designed well before cad modeling (date stamp on the bottom looks like it was made in 1969) I felt kind of bad tearing it apart.

I need to do some sheet metal fabrication, so the power supply is supported up off the motherboard. The toaster shell will need to simply slip over the whole computer assembly, since the only access would be through the bread slots. I also decided to make the back into the front. It's nicely finished stainless, with no holes. I/O and venting for the power supply will be cut out of the original front. It'll be a few weekends before I'm freed up enough to dive into hacking sheet metal though.
You know LGR on YouTube is going to flip over that thing. Get it on Twitter and shoot it over to him if you have an account.

Great guy who's really into this sort of thing.


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I think I may need to finally update my PC after ~8 years. I went to play COD: WZ last night and while I can play it on normal pretty well, the CPU and graphics card are pegged at 100%. I'd say 8 years without updating (besides an ssd) is a pretty good run