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It's been on my mind for a while to start a build thread but I never did get a chance to get to it. I've had a lot of bumps with this car but we've built a solid love/hate relationship. I'm missing several photos of stages the car was but hopefully what's include will cover the majority(sorry for the iphone photos as they were the only pics i could find):

I spent a good year if not more of saving every paycheck and searching for a car. I had my heart set on a WRX but couldnt find one that fit my budget and liking. After my subie phase(never got over it entirely) I moved on to have my mind set on an SRT4. I know SRT are POS for the most part and it's really hard to find one now that hasn't had the piss beat out of it. Not being satisfied with any I saw and test drove I continued looking always trolling these parts wishing I could have an MKV but dealing with the harsh reality affording one might be strenuous. Finally, I came across a car that was right for me and in July of '09 I purchased my first car.

Came with 20% tints all around res deleted, blacked out emblems & sidematkers, classixs oh yea and some killer fuel cuts.

After a couple months of having the car, I went with a BSH intake.

Then came H&R coils. I really enjoyed these. Gave a decent drop but didn't slam the car. The comfort of the ride was close to stock if not better.

After this I found an H&R RSB for cheap from a local. I can't imagine driving without.

Did the whole forge dv with spacer. Was cool. Turned heads. Became lame real quick. Took it off.

Installed S3 IC with my buddy Furby<3 aka wedubbin'.

Tinted tails by Darcness
Picked up some LM reps. Haters go ahead and hate on reps.

Remember those fuel cuts the car came with wellllllll obviously we had a fucked up cam follower and cam shaft. Thank god I purchased an extended warranty on the car. He job came out to be 8,000 if IIRC. camshaft, HPFP, lifters, turbo(which blew around the sametime) all had to go. This set me back~$600 which covered the deductible, oilchanges, and whatnot.

rounded cam lobe

holey cam follower

Got the car back and really enjoyed it more than the first day I drove it off the lot.

Tinted tails by darcness.

WF came around went with REVO. Two weeks later found a GHL DP for $300 on here went stage 2. Loved the power gain and the sound the DP produced.

Next up came a BSH CC.

Following that I decided to sell my LM reps I got tired of them and wanted to work my way up the "wheel ladder" if you will. Soo I bought some alphards from my good friend Mike Barry <3 aka slownlow. Lol the wheel gap the tires produced was ridiculous.

Next up came motor and trans mount from BSH. Around the same time I picked up whiteline WALK kit and THULE roof rack.

Took the alphards off found steelies with blizzaks for cheap. Got ready for winter. Around this time I took off my coilovers, sold them, and picked up a set of Ksports.

Winter was quiet and snowy as fuck. Worked a lot, never had a chance to go snowboarding... I was working towards a badgeless gti front with the filled notched and whatever but decided instead to go with a shaved r front.

Ordered a set LEDS tails...gotta figure out the wiring and what not.

BSH pendulum mount arrived! woot! Thanks Sam aka s4mt3k

Here's pics from when we sprayed the grille..
Sanding, we tried our best to get most of the rock chips out. Some of them were pretty deep and couldn't be sanded out.


Nubbins at work:

Clear coated and drying:

Got the car back a week ago from the body shop. sideswipe damage repaired and fenders were rolled. I have a few things things to still do: lower/camber, install a few parts...pick up new wheels @SOWO. I been really busy with my last semester of college soo hopefully when its all done ill be able to keep this thread alive..

picked up a CB(EJ AB, magnaflow muffler) relatively cheap hopefully it'll be welded up this week and ill have the R rear all done

Buddy, Tyler helped me out with the rear wiper delete. IMO looks awesome and neater in the back

polished up the tips on the CB I got my hands on and swapped out my stock CB with the help of my uncle

a bit of grinding to allow give the clamp some room

That's it for now :biggrin:

I'll leave you with this for now.

mhmm placed my order for bags starting to piece it together. Be on the look out for my Ksports going on sale and if anyone has hookups for some management please let me know :thumbsup:

6/14/11 Tiny update...
I feel like I been slacking on this buildthread. But here are some pics.

Bags came in yesterday I'm pretty excited but I have to get my management together so until then its useless:frown:. I might be posting my Ksports Kontrols FS soon.

Fun pics:

looking for tradees for my alphards. Something 3 pc..futuras would be great

small update....

picked up the edition 30 shifter and the ebrake for $40...YES $40 for both.

So heres the update. Took off my ksports and alphards and sold them locally. Putting the stock suspension back in was a bitch and a half because the ksports were installed using an air gun. My buddy furby and I worked on the car while Mike Barry got white girl wasted on redbull vodkas. LOL. Fronts were a bitch and we had to cut coils out the get the struts in lol yes the fronts are cut check the photos below and the rake. We got everything off around 3AM made the drop off and got my paper! We got some snacks and finished up around 4AM. I placed my order with Daniel Hagen thursday and by the end of the day I had my tracking number. Today everything came in. Talk about quick customer service. Now for some pics...Sorry once again for the shitty quality.

car has been bagged for almost a month. I been busy and caught up with personal stuff so the car didn't come together as fast as I would have liked it but it seems that its gotten to where I'm happy with it. Ill be honest though I'm kind of bored with it and wish it was faster. I dont think I'll be doing much else to it except notching the frame and perhaps getting bigger lips for the rears and throwing the rear lips i have now up front. fitment is kind of weak up front right now. color of the wheels will also change over the winter. I guess thats it for now.

bagged, OZ futuras.

Eurojet seats

This car has been a work in progress. A lot of headaches but just as many good times with it. So I guess I'll leave at that for now, To be continued....
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Yesterday, I went to Fall Nationals at Englishtown. The main reason I went was to check out the cars running 1/4s and see some people I haven't seen in a few months. I decided to park in the show area because it was more convenient and I guess safer than the general admission parking. Anyone that really knows me knows that I'm really modest about my car. I didn't by no means believed I'd leave with an award I just paid the extra money to be closer to my car.

I met a ton of new people and saw a lot of amazing cars. A lot of them were Hondas and older Japenese cars, I have to give these guys respect. Many of them had serious work done; shaved&painted bays, BTs, rollbars, seats the whole 9. The "MADJDMyo", "POS Hondas" or "whatever you want to call it" cars really inspired me to consider putting some serious work into my car whether it be this car if I decide to keep it or the next project i move onto.

Anyways, after the bikini contest, the burnouts, the loud music, it came down to the awards. As mentioned before I wasnt expecting to place because there were about 20 cars in the VW class. I just see my car as just another dime a dozen VW, which it is, nothing special. I ended up take 1st home which was a pretty cool surprise since I've never entered my car in a judged car show.

PS Sorry for the shitty iPhone pic. Rushing to leave the house in the morning, I ended up leaving my SD Card at home. I WAS SOO FUCKING PISSED..
UPDATE: Made it onto January 2012 edition of PVW. Photos by epic photog and epic friend: Mike Barry.
Welp the issue of PVW is out with kevvve's car in it. I shot the pictures for Kev back in October and he asked me to post them in here so you guys could see them, Here you go!

Kev's Mk5 for PVW Magazine by MisterBarry, on FlickrUr

soo 2012 is going to look something like this.

Mod list:

REVO stage 2
GHL downpipe/Magnaflow muffler/ EJ axle back
BSH intake
BSH motor/trans/pendulum mounts
BSH Competition catchcan

NSP boostgauge
ED 30 golf ball shifter and E-brake
Alcantra Eurojet Racing seats

OEM LED tails
Thule roofrack
Shaved R32 front end
EURO Spec R32 rear
Inpro tinted sideview mirror markers

Wheels and suspension
OZ Futuras 17x8.5/9.5 et 45 15mm adapters in the rear.
Airlift XLs fronts
Universal Airhouse 2 w/ dcups
AZ OB2 compressor
Accuair VU4 manifold
Brass knuckel switchbox
Dakota digital gauge
24mm H&R RSB
Whiteline "walk" kit
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i want an r front too :] lol

kevvve dooope car and great progress so far, cant wait to see what is next :thumbsup:


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nice progress.


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R front and alphards for the win...


i want an r front too :] lol

kevvve dooope car and great progress so far, cant wait to see what is next :thumbsup:

thanks man! Im hoping this month I can get my car in the body shop to repair my passenger side that was part of a hit and run (sideswiped while parked) and perhaps respray the R grill a bit darker...

nice progress.

thanks man although i feel like its been slow, could have been quicker if I wasnt a broke college student and didnt have those random unnecessary expenses(parking tickets, maintenance, repairs, etc)

thanks for the love homie! :wub:
i know you'll take great care of my alphards.

he's in garfield

<3 thank you sahn!

alphards tucked away :wink:

and donders yea, Im from garfield