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iPod Preparation


South Africa
2007 VW Golf GTI
Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me exactly what the iPod preparation extra available on the GTI is? I know it enables you to connect your iPod to your radio but how exactly is that done.

What I am actually getting to is: will this only enable an iPod to connect to the radio or is it a more generic interface that can be used with other MP3 players?




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The VW factory option is the one that fits with the cradle in the centre armrest console. I have it on mine and it works like a charm, you can access your playlists from the CD buttons on the radio much the same as you would operate a CD shuttle.


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South Africa
If I may give you advice, dont get this factory fitted option. It is really neat and tidy and the ipod fits snugly into the centre arm rest, but one thing that is a HUGE disappointment to me is that you cant read on the display of the radio any track info such as artists, albums, etc. Basically, all you can do is create 6 playlists in iTunes and select them via your Radio "CD1 - CD6" buttons. Or if you are like me, only have 1 playlist with all your songs and select the "mix" button which acts like a random play shuffle. Rather research other options which install via the glove compartment which do display on screen. Goodluck!