Introductions thread (Part 2)


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Hey all, new GTI owner here. Just picked up a 2008 GTI with 128k, DSG, 2 owner clean history, and all the bigger maintenance items completed. I came from a 2014 Passat with the 1.8t which was a nice cruiser but I missed the fun hatchback life. I had a 2014 Focus ST before that. I will say this GTI is a freaking BLAST to drive and feel it’s better in every way over the ST. Live here in the Midwest in Kansas City, MO.

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Very tidy [emoji3] good luck with it !

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Thanks!! I’m in love with this car now. Puts a smile on my face every time I take it out. The Passat did NOT do that [emoji23]

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Ye they are good cars provided you get a good one [emoji3] mine is stage 1 revo I recently had loads of work done on mine to bring it up a level, new cold air intake , catback scorpion exhaust, anti lift kit and racingline spring and damper kit , they are addictive cars, once you start on modifying it’s a slippery slope from there, I’ve also owned a black 5 door mkv gti as well [emoji3]

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I very got mine 2009 with new 10 years COE. It's a 1 owner car. Love it very much. Grey colour. Very beautiful condition inside out. Feel like driving it every day. Drive Mazda 3 for less than a year. Really don't like it.

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Raleigh, NC
Hey everyone,

My name is Nicholas, and I am the new owner of this 2009 GTI! I've had some exposure to other VW products, but this is my first GTI. I'm really enjoying it so far! Give me a honk if you see me driving around!


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Prospect, CT
New member from CT

Been lurking for forever. Own an APR stage 2 2007 gti. I need to make a post for a brake lights always on problem after an electrical fire :23:


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I’m a proud owner of a 2008 mkv gti, 145k miles on the clock, well maintained by previous owners, all the paperwork from day 1 on every bit of work done , completely stock, happy motoring guys

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This one's beautiful.
I own an 06' Rabbit.
How Goes It?!

I'm Justin & I have Been reading this forum for awhile finally signed up!
this forum has been a big help with several things....
I Have a 07 GTI with 113,000 miles// she is real ugly due to a nice impact with a deer....bought a parts car replaced the whole front end. So at the moment she a grungy white front end and gray from doors back with a nice scratch down the driver door . After I get performance where I want it I'll worry about looks
Really I'm just glad she runs just as good as always....actually better parts car gave me ecs tuning exhaust/intake plenty of spare parts and APR stage 2 ECU (ECU not installed yet bc came off a manual and I have DSG and want to upgrade pcv/dv as well as some other things & get it flashed for the dsg// if anyone has suggestions on anything I should do before the boost gain from APR stage 2 please feel free to share!)
This is my first newer VW I have always been a fan/owner of Old Beetle/SuperBeetles/(been considering & reading a bunch about a Subi swap in a Beetle & Mk1/Mk2 got damn I love dem boxy ass bitchs!
Must say I love my Mk5 (not only for the reliability compared to my older VW's haha)
Look forward to chatting with you peoples!


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Hey all, Keltyn from North Carolina here! I'm bringing home my (first) 2006 GTI 2.0T FSI at the end of the month and can't be more excited, I've been digging through these forums for the past few weeks and finally signed up.

(to my knowledge) Car is bone stock aside from a resonator delete, and currently throwing a couple codes (P0089 & P0100) with some other minor issues (passenger mirror, the black finish coming off the headlight control dial, etc.), but regardless I'm excited to get to work and get motoring!

Since I'm new to the community, any advice would be awesome!


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Dallas, TX
2015 GTI DSG
Hi from Dallas

Hi all. I got my MKV GTI in January and have been using this forum to figure out small issues I've had. Great forum so I decided it was time to join.

I have a 2008 Tornado red GTI with the DSG. It has a K&N Typhoon intake, APR stage 1, and koni coilovers. I have installed a new radio also.


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What's up, everyone? About to be the proud owner of a 2007 MKV in candy white. 6 speed manual. Modded a bit by the previous owner. Looking forward to reading as much as I can in here!


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MK5 Golf GTI
Hi All

Recently acquired a MK5 Golf GTI and I have definitely caught the bug. I just cannot leave it alone and by the end of this Saturday it will be as follows:

Pre Cat Delete - Done
Revo Induction - Done
DV+ - Soon
Quick Shifter Front to Back and Side to Side - Done
R-Tech Stage1 - Soon

Failed Mods:
PCV Delete - Fail because although it was an easy install, it caused my GTI to turn into a Steam train when at a stop

Things I have had to have done since getting:

New Fuel Pump
Oil Pickup
Purge Valve