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Introductions thread (Part 2)


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Thanks for your time and words of caution. I wanted to post back and let you know that your words of wisdom did not fall onto deaf ears. The planned meeting (for today) with the GTI owner fell apart, and is now planned for Monday evening. I previously met the GTI owner (2 days ago) and did a brief test drive. The car is 100% stock.

The "sales lead" for this GTI was initiated by my ex-wife. I plan to meet with her tonight and again on Sunday. During these meetings with her, I will echo your comments and cautions.

Two years ago, my daughter REALLY wanted a Prius, so that was easy. My Son is not laser focused on this car type (GTI - hot hatch) so I still have time and some ability to shift the pending sale.
Good luck on your hunt for a car and tell your son I am sorry if I did anything to put a dent in his dream for a hot car. It is a great car and there are other variants of the same car just without so much power.... plain VW Golf (non-turbo) or the Turbo Diesel version or even the electric version of the Golf.


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Good luck on your hunt for a car...
Bad news? We bought the 2006 GTI a few hours ago (8 hours ago).

BTW, I saw & read your build thread. Congrats on your re-build completion. The car pictures that you posted a few days ago are beautiful. The power and performance of your new MkV GTI will take a few weeks OR a few months to sink-in and better appreciate.

I have a new-to-me 2006 GTI (100% stock) car if you would like to repeat that build process one more time? <<evil grin + evil thoughts about my Son's GTI + is not his car until we say so>>.

I will post comments and questions about this new 2006 GTI in a new thread in a few days. Thank you for the warm welcome into this forum.



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09 mkv gti dsg
Its not over yet!

Hello everybody, i'm Lesley, from the mountain kingdom, Lesotho. I am an absolute noob who spends so much time on the internet reading on forums and learning!
i'm pushing '09 tornadoRed mkv gti with roughly 57k miles on it! It was pretty fresh up until some old dude ran in to it hitting a u-turn as I was passing, on my 7th day of ownership:mad: So it now gives me all sorts of problems that im surely gonna solve through you guys! thanks in advance for your skills. :smile::smile: