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Introductions thread (Part 2)


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Welcome to our new members, this is the place to introduce yourselves! (This is part #2, our old thread got too big!)


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Nate, Maine resident, been driving GTIs since my 21st birthday when i bought an 87....since then ive had an 85, 88, 96, 98, 01 VR6 and recently purchased an 06. i love them, beat them and toss them aside.


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Rob, Pennsylvania, just bought an 09 GTI candy white. Lot of fun but still learning everything as this is my first VW.


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Hey, this is technically my second GTI as someone hit me and totaled my first one within the first week of owning it. I own a 2007 Candy White GTi in Houston, Texas. My first euro car and it's a trip learning the quirks of them.


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My name is Mattias(not Mathias!), live in Swedens capital city called Stockholm.
Since this is a Volkswagen MK5 forum I can tell all of you that I own a Volkswagen Golf MK5 1.6L (2005). I don't have the fastest car but I'm looking for a new one! :)


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moreno valley ca
whats up guys/girls
my names kadeem, im from moreno valley ca
i come from a euro car family
i have an e30 for a my drift car and an passat 1.8t for a daily, my dad has an 06 mz4 and mk5 jetta tdi cup edition for his daily, my mom drives an x5, my sister and her bf have a mk6 jetta tdi and a smart car
so ya just a little bit about me


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Sup All..Juan here from Ridgefield, NJ..I've got bought a 2008 Rabbit RS manual and its my 3rd Volks..I also Have an 2000 New Beetle and just recently sold an 99' Manual 2.0 New Beetle..


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Affton, Missouri
2007 Fahrenheit
Hello, name is Matt...i just recently purchased a Fahrenheit. #340 to be exact (hence the screen name). I know absolutely nothing about this platform. I have had many different types of highly modified cars but this will be my very first VW, let alone GTI. Im going to start studying the car, what mods are good for it, and what order to do them in. Ill be looking for a mentor....and also some gently used aftermarket parts to start me off. The car is currently stock except for some bull**** looking CAI that it came with...and minus an engine cover for some reason. I can only assume it has to do with said intake bc it sits so close to where the cover would be. I start modding in about 3 weeks. Hit me up if you have ideas or parts. Thanks. If you are on the other VW forums you will notice this intro is exactly the same on there as well. Why fix what isnt broken...


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Copus Christi

My name is Jordan. And i just got my first vw golf gti really like the car. I'm also from corpus christi TX. Well that's. All I have to say about self.


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my name is Carlos, this is my first European car after only owning Japanese cars. My last car being a Mazda RX7. Completely in love with the GTI. Perfect DD.

And here's a picture of my exquisite picture taking skills.


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Ft Worth TX
07 GTI
Hey! I am Daniel from DFW TX and I just purchased an 07 GTI today. It has 32000miles and I am excited to start modding!!!


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Reflex Silver 07 4D GTI
Currently live in Columbia, SC but went to school in Greensboro, NC and from the ATL, GA area so I'm always somewhere in those areas, especially on the weekend.



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Peter here, from The Netherlands (living in Germany). And I recently bought myself a black 07 GTI.

Before this car I had a 2001 1.4 VW Polo. So its a big update from me. To be honest my experiences with the Polo weren't all that great. Lots of electrical problems and other expensive repair jobs. So when it was time for another car (Polo had 200.000 km) my first thoughts didn't go to VW. And I was almost sure I was going to buy a Honda Civic Type R. (I loved that car back when I was little) But they were really hard to get around here. I did however managed to get a test drive in a '03 version (pre facelift) but that was a big disappointment the car was used like an old Toyota pickup truck. And also the ride itself wasn't all that great. Too sporty for me. And so the search continued and got me to look for some other cars and eventually back to the VAG to check out a Seat Ibiza Cupra and a VW Polo 9n2 GTI.
The long search for a new car had one positive side: The longer I waited the more money I had to spend :smile: And so I also started looking for a bigger cars. And so a couple weeks ago I had my first test drive with the GTI. And basically I was sold after the first meters. So at the end of the day I made the deal. I bought it at an official VW dealer so it had to be made drive ready first. Which ended up to be one of the longest weeks in my life...

Seeing that I live just across the border in Germany and have the Autobahn a couple km from my home it had to be done. And on a sunny sunday afternoon I ended doing 240 km/u on the A31 :biggrin:

Seeing my English isn't my native language I hope it's readable :rolleyes:



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Vacaville, CA
my name is eric. im from vacaville, california. after a long history of bagged trucks and an is350, im looking to get myself into a gti. i've driven quite a few of them and i'm absolutely in love. should be in one within a few weeks!


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Hi, My name is Justin, I live in Iowa and I just picked up my 2009 GTI a couple weeks ago, this is my 3rd GTI (4th VW) first 2 GTis were MK4 1.8Ts (latest one was apr Stage 3+). So far this car is far beyond the other 2 GTis in every category except stereo system, hopefully that will change soon and I can then start on the performance goodies.


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hi newbi

Hello all, I just purchased my first VW .. an 04 golf. had it for a week now, love it :smile:


anti suv

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Issaquah, Wa
Hi everyone, I'm Aaron, I just bought an 2008 GTI for a daily driver while I gather parts for a 2GR-FE engine swap in my mr2. I'm really liking the GTI and will probably be doing a few dd friendly mods in the future. I already ordered some shifter bushings and ECS Pendulum/bushing insert and I am researching shock and spring upgrades for a near future mod.