Intake with DSG


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Looking for a deep mean sound that is not too loud. I have DSG would that matter at all? Would an intake make the sound I crave? I know there are not much out there today, but thought I would ask.
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the intake give a more full sound. It make the engine roar more than the exhaust. If you want the sound, get the exhaust but only change the middle muffler, not the last one.


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The best intake out there that I know of and seen is Carbonio with the best sound ever. Roaring sound plus a blow off valve psssssssss sound all together so u wont need a Blow off valve. I have it on my mkIV and everyone that has heard it has been impressed. But the thing is I dont know yet if they have come up with one for the mkv. sells them and check it out if they have one for the 2.0T.