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Whenever you get a trouble with your Immobilizer system, your car won’t start, will just run for few seconds. You’ll get a message on your cluster screen “Immobilizer Active” or Key not in range, depending on the year of manufacturing of your VW Vehicle.

The important thing, here is that you don’t need to panic at all. Which Generation your vehicle comes with?

For cars before 1999, it’s Immobilizer Gen 2
2000 to 2005, it’s Immobilizer Gen 3
2005 to 2008, It’s Immobilizer Gen 4
2009+, it’s Immobilizer Gen 4b and 4c

If your Engine Control Unit (ECU) becomes faulty, burnt or flooded. You will get Immobilizer issue, and your car will not start. Once you get a secondhand one, put it in car, you’ll instantly get the Immobilizer Active message. This is due different Immo data in both Cluster and ECU. In such a case you need to adapt the secondhand ECU to your Cluster, for Gen 3, you just need a PIN code from your Cluster and the secondhand ECU, and just follow the basic procedure to synchronize the data from your cluster to the secondhand ECU. For from Gen 4 and upward, this basic procedure can’t be performed anymore.

This is what I love to play with. I can help you to recode whatever needed in the system.

Secondhand Cluster
Secondhand ECU

Some owners like to upgrade their clusters to the full screen one, same as the ones appear in the images attached to the post. Here we have to do 2 things, first, adapt the Original Immo data from the Original Cluster to the secondhand Cluster, and in the next step we need to put the same mileage, so that everything is typically the same but with new upgraded look.

*Please note, replacing the Cluster will also affect the Radio code, once you put a secondhand cluster in your vehicle, the radio enters the SAFE mode, and in that case you need to key in the code if you have it, if not, you need to contact the dealership to get it using the VIN number, of if you are getting a secondhand radio, you will need to provide the dealership with the serial number of the radio which consists of 14 digits.

In 2 months, Tuning service will be available for Turbo Engines, as well as for Vehicles equipped with DSG Transmission.

If you need any help, you can text me, or send me an email.

It’s my role to have this issue fixed for you.

I have extensive experience to can perform the following tasks:

- Immobilizer matching, Gen 2, 3, 4 and 5.
- Immo Off
- General system diagnosis using VCDS and ODIS.
- Control modules flashing using ODIS and Other Tuning tools such as Ktag and MPPS.
- Key preparation and matching.
- Ecu, cluster Swap
- Identifying system faults and guide the workers for repair work.
- ABS MK60EC1 Long coding.
- Crash clear for Airbag units.
- Ecu Tuning for Turbo Engines.

And much more

I'm ready for all discussions.

E-mail me:



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