How To Access Turbo to Work On


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Its been a whole month but I finally found out what was causing the issue. I bought the latest revision DV as well as a new PCV and N80 valve. The DV had a tear in the rubber diaphragm, and nothing seemed to be wrong with the PCV or N80 but I replaced them anyways. It was like night and day after replacing them, but the codes were still there. I couldn't find anything so I left it be for a while. But then I noticed that I was leaking engine oil on the passenger side of the vehicle and I decided to check it out. As I was gonna take a look I decided to take out the noise pipe because it was in the way, and when I did I noticed that there was oil in it (Apparently that's normal according to several other threads??). It turns out that the pipe wasn't seated properly, so I readjusted the clamps, and sorted that issue out. So I get in the car the next day and I notice that the car was boosting even better then when I first got it, and both codes cleared out, so I guess I found my issue.

I'm honestly glad that it was something simple, but unless you've already checked out the noise pipe, or have already deleted it, I'm afraid I have no useful information for you, sorry.


2007 MKV GTI
No, this is useful info. As it shows the many possible ways one may have a small leak causing these codes...basically it was a boost/intake leak.

Most of try explaining a code can have many causes and there is much to check. It almost always isn't just "replace this bit and all will be well." There are many bits attached to the air inlet needs to check all of them and their connections.