Home Depot impact wrench deal


Master Wallet Mechanic
I was looking for an inexpensive cordless 3/8in impact wrench on Home Depot website. Found the Rigid 3/8 with battery and charger for 179.00. As I was going down the page there was some small very light text that I would normally pass over but I ran my mouse over it while scrolling and the description popped up. Anyway long story short. I went for the deal and I like the super warranty they offer on all the equipment and even the batteries.

So instead of paying 179.00 and getting the 3/8 in impact driver I did the deal and got a 1/4 impact driver, 3/8 impact driver, 3/8 drill, 2 batteries, charger and bag for 199.00

Not bad for 199.00. Although I did not expect the 3/8 driver to do heavy work it did remove my wheel lugs. Seemed like a good bargain so thought I would share. Yes I would rather buy premium brands as they are much more powerful but costs go up quickly. I bought a nice set of Snap-On impact drivers for a relative and it cost me 1000.00.