High mileage MKVers - how has it been?


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I'm at 183,000 on my 2009.

Both rear wheel bearings at 80k. The intake manifold flapper motor went at 120k, it went 5 times under warranty before that but has been strong so far. Engine mounts at 150k. Clutch master cylinder at 171k. Slave cylinder in the transmission and driver CV joint were just replaced. CV joint replacement buggered my power steering, working on that fix now.

Everything fails eventually but they are great cars if you take care of them. The engine is still solid and getting 28 combined mileage. I want to see 300k before I even think of buying a new one.


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07 GTI
I'm at 197k had to replace an axle. And my rear hub is going but that's it. Been staged for about 100K and no problems. No cels no issues.

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07 GTI
I still get 28 average mpg 33 highway if I drive the limit and just cruise.

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08 GTI
At 113k, I've had to replace coils and my thermostat, other than that basic maintenance has been it.


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2009 TR GTI
2009 with 89K not super high. Only problems I have had have been the Intake Manifold, Water Pump, Headliner, and the ABS Control Module. Currently the Passenger Door card is coming apart but the car has been pretty solid. Have been considering trading for a different car. But if I don't in the next few months will keep and go KO4.


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07 GTI
Thinking my motor mount went. Has a continuing high pitched squeal noise under acceleration.

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2008, original owner with 145k miles on it. A/C compressor and fuel pump were the only out of pocket repair bills. Changed the cam follower every 40k miles and oil every 5k miles . Love the car, and it runs great. I have a mk7 GTI now too, and don't plan on selling the mk5.

Be proactive maintaining these cars and they will give you many fun miles of motoring.


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2009 with 104K Miles

I have a 2009 GTI TSI with approximately 104K miles and its been pretty reliable. I had a couple coils go out when I first bought it at around 40K and the intake manifold went under CPO warranty at 60K. Out of pocket I've had to replace a fuel pump control module (like $130 bucks) right wheel bearing and a hid bulb so far.

This car has been very reliable overall, and I plan on driving it till 200k if I can (I hate car payments & I still love this car.) It still run and drives excellent and looks fantastic. I've driven Japanese in the past which are great cars but have no soul. This car is the perfect drivers car.


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I'm at 105k and I've had to fix/replace alot more than I would've hoped for but I have learned a lot about the car and feel pretty confident in its reliability now.


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KC, Kansas
I'm at 105k and I've had to fix/replace alot more than I would've hoped for but I have learned a lot about the car and feel pretty confident in its reliability now.

Ya, same thing here, I even have todo list

2009 GTI, bought at somewhere around 100K, now have 126K on it. Kinda wishing I spent more and got a CPO or newer one. If I didn't do most of the work myself I'd be bankupt. From what I can recall off the top of my head:

Within several months of getting car:

driver side axle replaced
both front wheel bearings replaced
spring rusted and collapsed, replaced all struts/shocks/bushings/hardware
installed subframe locking collar kit due to subframe clunk
replaced worn mounts with aftermarket
timing chain tensioner, new red top coils & plugs, all replaced as preventative maintenance -- I reused the lower cover, it hasn't leaked yet!

No problems for several thousand miles
stage 1 tuned somewhere around 108K
right side ball joint reaplaced

Car was great for another 10-12K miles

Clutch started slipping after having car shipped, replaced with Sachs SRE and new DMFW, also did rear main(while you're in there)

transmission housing cracked
new transmission/clutch/rear main, dogbone upgraded to one with spherical bearing

PCV valve failed and replaced
rear main also needed to be replaced

front rotors/pads replaced
upper trans/motor mounts worn, replaced with BFI stage 1

upper timing cover leaking -- replaced gasket
oil pan replaced -- original was so rusty it was starting to become scary

rear LCA bushings -- looking pretty worn
both outer tie rod ends cracked and leaking oil
gonna do driver side ball joint -- boot isn't cracked yet, but it's getting there, need to get an alignment after I swap out the tie rod ends anyways
replace ABS module


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'17 GTI
Hmm, it looks like I posted here over a year ago, post #22. Since then, I'm at 186k miles and have had no real repairs over the last year. I did switch my FK Silverline coilovers for NGP Type I because I was sick of how stiff they were. And I also replaced my coolant overflow tank due to a slow leak, which cost all of $15 on Ebay.

I still haven't updated my timing chain tensioner and I'm in need of my 2nd intake manifold, but I want to wait until IE gets the bugs worked out of their intake manifold so I can buy that instead of the stock one. I'll do both eventually, but I just bought another house and am back to being broke. Maybe once I sell my first house I'll do something. I guess I'll post again on here in another year and let you all know how it goes. I'll probably be over 200k miles by then.


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'07 Jetta Wolfsburg
Not a gti, but I'm at 129k on a 2.5 Jetta. Replaced the purge valve, clutch, and driver side axle...twice, in the 40k since I bought her a year and a half ago. I also drive between 70 and 110 miles a day for work, so she gets used a lot.


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Mine has over 130k, owned the car since 65k and stage 1 since 80k and have had the following done:

Timing belt
Water pump
Engine Coils
Cam follower
Pads and rotors
Manifold cleaned

1 or 2 other small leaks or check engine codes, nothing major. The place that performs most of the work says that there is an oil leak near the rear main. Is that common or are they blowing smoke? Like others have said the car isn't worth much so I plan to run it into the ground depending on how long the motor/ turbo will last. I would like to justify going k04 if the oem turbo fails but it sounds like that costs as much as the car is worth on trade in. Thoughts?


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I've got a 2009 GTI, purchased CPO in 2013 at 40K miles and just rolled past 120K miles. I've had my fair share of issues, but nothing too major has come up so far. The 107–112K miles interval was rough, but at this point I feel it would be silly to not try and ride it out to at least 200K miles.

I went APR Stage I at 55K miles (+ Carbonio intake). I updated to v2.4 at 115K miles and it's been a fantastic breath of life.

I've been pretty fanatic about doing regular maintenance: I've got dealer stamps in every scheduled service box :smile: (including the brake fluid replacements every two years). On top of that, I've done oil changes with Castrol 5w40 halfway between each service interval. And small stuff of course (a few bulbs and fuses, wipers, alignments, new antenna, new rear wiper arm, and several sets of tires).

Unscheduled issues (all out of pocket):
  • Intake Manifold at 82K miles
  • Sachs SRE clutch + SMFW + TOB, R8 coil packs + plugs at 87K miles
  • Subframe creaky ship sound at 89K miles—fixed with that little subframe spacer kit shim fix from ECS Tuning
  • Aftermarket TPMS at 92K miles (moved from Canada to the US and imported the car)
  • New pads and rotors at 107K miles
  • Rear-right wheel bearing at 108K miles
  • Throttle body at 111K miles

Preventative maintenance:
  • Timing chain tensioner at 109K miles (thank goodness for mechanically inclined brothers)

A running list of things that have been annoying the heck out of me:
  1. EPC Light + Check Engine Workshop. This first popped a few years ago and it's still haunting me. Apparently the updated wiring harness TSB was installed by the previous owner (not 100% on that), so I installed a new throttle body. A few months later, it popped again. I sprayed the connector with electronics cleaner spray at Christmas and it's been good for two months now; hopefully it's gone, but I've got another wiring harness on hand as a next step.
  2. Occasional misfires + CEL. This always seems to show up right when I'm trying to pass my annual NY emissions test :mad:. It's probably due to carbon buildup but I've been dragging my feet on getting it done. I finally made an appointment with MINHS on Monday for a diagnosis and walnut blast cleaning so fingers crossed this will disappear.
  3. ESC + ABS issues. This first showed up a few years ago but I just couldn't justify dropping $2500 on a new ABS Control Module. However, I just got my recall letter in the mail yesterday! Getting this fixed for free makes me so happy.

With that 107–112K miles string of issues, plus finally (potentially) resolving those three haunting issues, I think I've finally cleared all the major issues that seem to plague every 2009 GTI. Hopefully I've got at least a few thousand trouble-free miles ahead!


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2008 GLI, 160k miles

Had car since new and still on original clutch. Done oil changes every 5k, air and cabin filters every 20k, fuel filters every 40k, coil packs and spark plugs twice, and one battery change. I'm still getting 29mpg combined on premium 91 gas.

Had a PCV failure and a fuel pressure sensor malfunction early on, but all replaced under warranty.

Had some boost hose leaks, but replaced them with Forge Silicone ones that have been leak-free for over 7 years.

Thermostat failed around 100k, but ended up having the timing chain and water pump done also.

AC went out shorter after and I've since disconnected it by using a shorter belt.

I've developed a very slow oil leak but i think it's a damaged oil filter housing as it has been soiled the last few oil changes.

I have yet to clean the intake valves and the car still gets the same mileage and power as new. I still get false, rear tail-light burnt out warnings periodically though. This drives you mad and I have tried everything and found that bending the contact clip for a tauter fit helps the bulbs stay lit.

I highly recommend deleting the noise pipe system that re-routes compressed intake air to a small "speaker" horn in the passenger-side firewall. Since removing all of the plumbing and parts with the Audi A3 throttle pipe, it sounds more natural and spools noticeably faster. I've also replaced the diverter valve to the upgraded, piston-type one found on newer MK5s.

Make sure to check that cam follower in the HPFP periodically, my car isn't chipped, over boosted, nor do I drive it hard daily but I did check it once before 100k and it was still great with no wear nor discoloration but I replaced it anyways.

Overall, the car still pulls hard, fun to drive, good on gas and insurance. I do regret not getting the 4-door GTI as the hatch offers more practical usage.

I have done an array of other mods that I could've done without and have since returned the car back to stock, stock is always the best in the end I hate to say. Drivers Wanted.
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