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"hiccuping" at speed and P2181 Code


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09 GTI experiencing a "hiccup" or "miss" when above 40 mph. Seems to happen mostly when at cruising speed but I can accelerate through it while it's happening. It is very hit or miss. Some trips it doesn't happen at all.

I do have the P2181 coolant system performance code for my car running too cool but I have yet to see the hiccuping being related to this code.

I did hook it up to OBDFusion and while my dash temp reports 190° , OBD said my temp was 170°.

Could running cool possibly cause a hiccuping / missing issue?

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Hard to say it will definitely cause it but I’ve never seen it. Thermostats failing open typically cause a rich running condition but you’d have to really be overfueling to cause a miss.

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