Help with buying an '06 GTI?


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So I'm buying myself a mk5 gti and on the listing this is what is written:

2 brand new front tyres
Sachs Clutch and lightened billet flywheel and service just done less then 500km ago ($4500)
Full rebuild 15000 km ago:
Brand new Audi S3 K04 Turbo and Manifold $2200
$2300 of Stage 2 tuning
$2500 Miltek full stainless turbo back 3 race spec exhaust imported from the UK. It has an amazing sound unlike any GTI
CTS Turbo Cold Air Intake
Golf R Short Shifter Kit
New Fuel Pump Hitachi
MAF Sensor
Cam follower
Cold sparkplugs NGK
New Golf R coils
Rev D Diverter Valve - with diverter relocation completed ($1000 of work)
Golf R fuel injectors
High performance brake pads
Nurburgring 18 wheels ($3500)
Whiteline AntiLift kit
Custom GTI seat covers
Height adjustable suspension
Bolle 35% Tinted windows complete car
Rear LED tinted golf taillights
Bluetooth Stereo with AUX,SD,USB and large Alpine subwoofer box in the boot - Stereo sounds great
Loads of other extras
Also comes with "VW ATE" Personalised plates, not yet fitted to the car.

I've contacted the owner regarding receipts and he said he doesn't really keep them and 'wouldn't lie' about anything. He has sent me a few but nothing that is important such as receipts for the full rebuild, new turbo and tune, etc which is what i would like. I can see from pictures however that there a few things that he isn't lying about such as the intake, DV relocation (not sure why that costs $1000...?) and exhaust.

The car itself has 198ks on the clock but has been said to have done approx just under 20,000ks since the rebuild. Just boggles my mind why he would spend the thousands of dollars and not have any receipts. He claims that it drives and feels like new and when I do test drive it I will then know what he means.

I've also contacted the company that he claimed did his tune and they approved that they did indeed tune it so maybe he isn't lying...?

What should I do? Thanks!!!


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Some of that work you won't be able to verify without a receipt, but other mods could be verified just looking at the car. If you are knowledgeable about such things yourself, you should be able to figure it out looking at the car. If you aren't sure, bring a friend who would have a better idea what they are looking at. It seems a little fishy that he doesn't have receipts for nearly anything, but some people just don't keep records. I would take everything with a grain of salt at this point until proven otherwise. I would feel a little iffy about it without hardly any receipts, but if the price is right, might be a good score.

Edit....also note that mods do not 'add' value to the price of a car. Don't let yourself be overcharged cause someone else wanted to spend a lot of money on their car.


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Receipts... I've kept receipts since I bought my GTI; from tires to the APR tune and more (Oil, filters, etc). It puzzles me why he didn't keep serious receipts like that. Ask him if he can find and present them from either shipping receipts or emails if purchased online.