Help troubleshoot turn signal issue


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I bought my Mk5gti two weeks ago and knew about a few issues,
that im looking to fix.

Im naming a few of them here just to see if they may be related to each other.

-Huge boost leak (having it fixed soon as i bought a new DV valve. according to google its likely to have failed as my car used to make a "pssssh" sound when i release the accelerator)

-Cruise control not working (no indicator on dash when i try to turn on, buttons does nothing, the stalk works when using blinkers though)

-Washer fluid always empty warning (its not empty, and never been since i bought it..)

-Windows acting weird If both windows are down, and i push both buttons at the same time (to close them), one window will go up, other will go halfway up and then go back down.
Same issue with mirrors. Both will adjust at the same time when i try to adjust the left mirror.

-Turn signal issue, burnt bulb warning

And for the topic, i have a issue with the turn signal.
I will try to explain what i did.

All blinkers work except front right.
That means, when i turn on right turn signal, the front wont blink but the rest will. (that eliminates suspicion of burnt relay?)

Bulb is not burnt, i tried to put the right bulb to the left side, and left side will blink using right bulb.
New bulb wont even work on right side.

Using voltmeter i measured 11.90v on left side (working)
and 0.50v right side.

I had a few spikes up to 7v and 10v while spamming the "lock" button on my key, but not enough to light the bulb.

I tried to measure using other ground points nearby, but didn't get a higher reading (that eliminates the suspicion of bad ground?)

additional useless info:
of course since my front blinker wont light, the relay is ticking at a faster rate.

Socket is not an issue since i measured behind it directly on the wires.

I need some help troubleshooting.



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Boostleak: Fixed (i think) DV valve replaced and new one is a revD.
Cruisecontrol: Fixed. blue wire inside stalk was cut off. easy fix.
Washer fluid lamp: Fixed. Emptied it, added some pure 90% alcohol into it letting it stay for some days.
Windows acting weird: problem spotted, wiring loom in door, most wires broken, ground wire almost cut straight off.
Turn signal issue: Cant figure this out yet.

Had dealership running a diag, i didnt write down the codes or anything.
But headlight adjustment issue, aswell as a "terminal 30" code.
Turn signal (open circuit)
All lights works though, front right turn signal still wont light up.

As im not very familiar with more modern cars, i have no idea about all these electronics.
neither can i figure out if there really is a realy for turn signals in these cars.


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In regards to the mirror issue: there is an option in the MFD (I believe in the convenience section) where you can have both mirrors adjust together. Go in there and de-select that option and that [should] fix that issue.


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In regards to the mirror issue.........

thanks i forgot:thumbsup:

Update on the blinker issue:
Vw electricians please help!

Front Right blinker wont work at all. Not with hazard switch either.

Here is what i found out so far.

-Measuing behind bulb (on bulb socket) i get 0.00Volts.

-Taking out the bulb and measuring again gives me 12-0 volts alternating until j519 shuts off the power (stalls)
(which means, when there is no bulb in socket (no load) only multimeter)

-Tried swapping bulbs. The right bulb works fine on the left side.

-Socket looks fine. no corrosion.

-Unplug the headlamp connector and measure over pin 9 and pin 7 (blinker to ground)
Because the headlamp now is unplugged, i get voltage for a short time that stalls (j519 shuts off the power)

-I cut the black/green blinker wire right before the headlamp connector and routed it directly to the turn signal socket (to assure that there is nothing going on inside the lamp) and i still get the same results. With no bulb, i get voltage that stalls after 3-4 sec's, with bulb in, i get 0.00v

-I used a test lamp over the circuit in the headlamp connector and gets no light.

-I used a test lamp over the j519 to ground and it lights up, but stalls after 3-4 sec's and light goes dark.

-i measure over pin 10 (which i assume is park light/city light, and it somehow react when blinker is turned on, goes from 0.3v-0.8v alternating. It probably shouldnt..

So summary,
The J519 unit seems to do its job, test lamp lights up over the unit, but it goes dark after a few seconds.
I guess thats how the j519 is supposed to work when there is something wrong.

a scan shows, "open circuit" for turn signal.

measuring the blinker socket wont light the test lamp at all or the multimeter.

IF the bulb IS removed from the circuit, and i try measure again with multimeter, i will get alternating 12-0v until it stalls 3-4 sec's.

However, the test lamp wont light.

I tried using different ground points, like alternator and chassis, still no light on test lamp. But multimeter would though.
I guess the multimeter has barely any resistance at all.