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Hello- 2006 GTI engine picture


New member
I posted in the Introduction thread about 14 days ago. We just bought our first VW recently. I am (a newb) learning about the MKV GTI.

I will post real questions & comments in a few days, but I wanted to see if I can successfully post pictures in this forum first. This pic shows the drivers-side engine bay after removing a few parts, to include the battery & battery tray.

I am about to replace the HPFP cam follower... but I had a problem with the banjo bolt (the triple-square bolt head might be stripped?). Revisit that bolt head tomorrow, after work. Cheers!

During picture upload (as an attachment) I encountered this problem:
The Dimension limits for this filetype are 1300 x 1240. We were unable to resize your file so you will need to do so manually and upload it again. Your file is currently 4032 x 2268.

How do I resolve-fix this problem?

Guess I need to go to photo web hosting (link) instead....? -and NOT use attachment method due to my photo size, uhg. Me too dumb.