Have VAG-COM + ODIS, car wont start. Need backyard mechanic.


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United States
I have dealership diagnostic software and am looking for someone to help me fix my car. I can pay money and have tools. Basically my car is not starting. I tried replacing battery and starter and no luck.

When my car broke down I was driving down street and check oil pressure light came on. there was some oil coming from the top of the engine cover bolts. which i have since then replaced the gasket and changed oil. It sounds like car wants to turn over. I have also replaced crankshaft sensor as that was throwing a code. the wires seem to have been frayed a bit, so i need to check those with multi meter.

If someone wants to help out, i'd be working a long side as i have lots of experience and am willing to pay cash. I have also replaced starter.

20 minutes before it broke down I was messing with the radio and center consol and pulled the wiring harness from radio as much as i could because i was going to replace the radio. Maybe this is related?

Please call me at 804 878 8953 if you need some xtra cash. I near parham road and patterson in richmond,va where my car is on jacks.