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GTI shimmy


New member
First post - driver not a wrencher so need some advice

‘07 GTI owned since new, 161k miles

in the last two weeks, I’ve taken it on several long-distance trips and noticed a new shimmy/wobble/something. At first it felt like buffeting from wind, but then I noticed the car doesn’t move. It only happens at speed - 60/65-80 - and only occasionally. It feels like the car is rocking left to right, and looking over the hood, that’s what it looks like too.

Now, I do know that I have one bent rim that I need to get re-done, but the car tracks and the wheels hold true, it feels like the car moves side to side but it’s just the body, and there is also zero feedback in the steering wheel so I’m a tad skeptical it’s the wheel, but what do I know.

Thoughts? Could it be shocks or something else with the suspension? Could I be dealing with something that’ll catastrophically fail? Driving has been fairly normal otherwise but it has felt a little soft cornering.


Seminole, FL
If you have a jack and jack-stands, lift the front end and do an inspection. Rock each wheel top and bottom and then right to left in a "wiggle" motion looking for play. Check your tires and pressures. (A de-laminating tire can look okay but can cause handling issues). Rotate the wheels front to back if you suspect this. All lugs present and tight? If this is not possible, get the car to a shop that has a lift and let them look at it. In the meanwhile, "stay alive, drive 55" 🙃


former GTI owner
You never mentioned if you ever did a refresh, or upgraded any suspension parts, but it might be time.
Check the suspension components (i.e. ball joint/struts/springs) and the lower control arm bushings, which might be the culprit.


former GTI owner
That's an inaccurate pic of the suspension as it doesn't have upper control arms....just the strut mount (at the top of the strut assembly) is the only mounting point for the strut, which attaches to the strut tower.
Also, the ball joint attaches to the base of the knuckle...on top of & at the end of the lower control arm