GTI FSI 2.0t to 1.8t oil conversion HELP!


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Hello, this is my first post on any forum, and i come seeking advice. i have a 2007 MK5 GTI BPY FSI, and i’m doing a full rebuild. i snapped my stock balance shaft assembly with oil pump, so i fitted in USPMOTORSPORT’s 1.8T conversion kit, with new oil pump installed in block, IABED 2.0t to 1.8t adapter plate, and 1.8t oil filter housing. the issues i’m facing are with the edge of the oil filter housing hitting against the throttle body intake pipe, not allowing the front rad support and bash to be installed. i’m at a damn crossroads and i have to be packed and moved out of my house in less than 4 days. i’m wondering what options i have, what i can do, if anyone else has faced the same problem. i called USP and they said the plate could be removed, but could cause a difference in oil pressure, the adapter plate is supposed to be used in case to fix that issue. i rather play it safe and attempt to keep the plate installed if possible. i’m now possibly thinking of just dropping the AC condenser from the bash behind the radiator to allow more room for fitment. i already drained my AC and it’s winter and i need the car literally moving asap so that’s not the end of the world for me but i have no idea if this will work even at all, if removing it will even save space if it does how much space, etc etc. please anyone who wants to chime in give their opinion or thoughts whatever you may think would work! thankyou


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