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Dear Forum Members,
Over the last few months the technical threads have become much more argumentative then they have ever been. Countless members have come to us complaining about the direction a large amount of threads seem to head. We've given out several warning's, closed multiple threads, and yet the trolling, flaming, bashing, and company name smearing seem to continue. Administration, as well as the Moderators, have spoke with one another extensively in regards to this continuing problem and have decided to handle this with a firm approach. This means that your post will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Simply put, you may post one minute and be banned the next. We're no longer going to tolerate this type of behavior. does not want this website to continue down the same path as others. When a thread is carrying a discussion in regards to a particular product or company that you may not be in support of, you are expected to post responsibly/maturely if you are going to comment at all. If you are unable to do so, then refrain from posting in said thread. Trolling, flaming, bashing, and product smearing campaigns will not be tolerated, and you will be subject to ban.

In regards to the ban: The initial ban will be for two weeks, followed by a chance to come back to the forums with a better attitude. If you chose not to change the intent of your post and come back as others have in the past, then you will be permanently banned. Simple as that. Fanbois are warned.

Administration and Moderators.
Not open for further replies.